The DJ Sessions brings to you the best local, national, and world renowned DJ’s playing live sets and exclusive interviews.

Our resident DJ’s will be on the decks LIVE mixing you the best sets. Are show schedule varies and you can find out when we go live next by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

If you would like to appear on The DJ Sessions please click on the link below and fill out all necessary information. Due to the high number of requests all performers that submit will not be selected to play on the shows.

Request to play on The DJ Sessions

Past Episodes

Here’s where you can view the past episodes of The DJ Sessions


Here is where you can find our scheduled events.

The DJ Sessions weekly filming – 5pm PST

The DJ Sessions presents the Rooftop Sessions (Every 2nd Wednesday) – 5pm PST

The DJ Sessions presents “Absinthe” (Every 3rd Saturday) – 10pm PST

The DJ Sessions at 1Luv (Every last Friday) – 10pm PST

Other events will be coming soon.