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Fact Live: 33EMYBW

FACT Magazine | September 27, 2023

Captured on the XR Stage at 180 Studios, Shanghai producer and visual artist 33EMYBW performs live ahead of her appearance in the A/W ’23 issue of Fact Magazine. 33EMYBW, a fixture of the Shanghai-born, now Manchester-based label SVBKVLT, always likes to begin with a concept. On her 2019 album, Arthropods, […]


A Guide to the Music of Michael Gregory Jackson

Avant Music News | September 27, 2023

Source: Bandcamp Daily. Jackson grew up in New Haven, Connecticut where he soaked up some of the jazz his father loved but was also captivated by rock guitar heroes like Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, and Eric Clapton. He followed multiple muses from the start, playing solo acoustic tunes in coffeehouses […]


Rex Orange County @ Riverstage Brisbane

The | September 27, 2023

The night is set ablaze with rupturing cheers and a thunderous beat of drums. The Brisbane Riverstage electrifies as GrentPerez takes the stage with his band. A soulful aura envelops the venue, defying the cool night sky, transforming it into the warmest of summer afternoons. The Sydney-based Indonesian singer radiates […]