I can’t sleep so I’m going to put on Dune… Anyone wanna watch it with me lol. — feeling crazy at Itv/iam/tdjs Th… https://t.co/v5Sf9rusVr

Yep https://t.co/9tqRU5R8MJ

Last night I went to hang out with a friend…we got to talking about relationships and how I am not a fan of “hook… https://t.co/9iLsD9wW5u

Still making headlines around the world… https://t.co/OOyN1uY8pu https://t.co/OOyN1uY8pu

Yep https://t.co/jbOe8ukzTl

Well if six impossible things happen in a day then you must spend time with SpaceTime… And then see if you can d… https://t.co/LTs5FlyKAg