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Katie Chonacas aka Saint Kyriaki - Resident DJ on The DJ Sessions


Katie Chonacas aka Saint Kyriaki is a globally outstanding Greek-American actor with over two decades of experience in the Hollywood entertainment industry. She began her career as a classically trained actor, model, poet, painter, and philanthropist at an early age.

As an actor, Chonacas made her first appearance on a network TV show. She has been on shows like CSI: NY, Cold Case, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Law & Order SVU. She has also appeared in films with Al Pacino, Milla Jovovich, and Nicolas Cage, to name a few. Chonacas is a leading top talent as a Voice Over artist who loves animations, playing in video games, etc… and her branded vo name is “Cartoon Katie”

Chonacas is a Renaissance person, Quantum thinker, multi-disciplinary artist & blockchain trailblazer who is thriving to empower women. The Hey Layer platform released her NFT collections, 11 Pillars of Katie Chonacas, A Lover’s Fairytale Poetry Pieces, and a Women Empowerment collaboration curated by Saint Kyriaki. On 11.11 , she released her EDM musical “Dreamland 1111” Album on Opensea and sold two of the NFTs at Art Basel Miami 2021 to Blake Jamieson, a fellow artist, collector, and curator. Kyriaki’s genesis NFT made her the very first person to have minted a “love poem” on the blockchain.

In addition, Katie is a host of a popular podcast titled “She’s All Over the Place” and an entertainment industry coach that empowers others to improve their lives and reach their full potential. She is an artist who uses her profession and the arts to spread hope and love.



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