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The DJ Sessions” live streaming series heals community through music

USA, Seattle, WA – October 1, 2020 –Once again “The DJ Sessions” is making waves, sound waves that is, in the electronic music community. They were the first ever Twitch Featured Partner DJ Streaming series, the first to host “Safe Silent Disco” shows, and now the first ever series where you can “feel” the music with their new upgrade to “Silent Concerts”.

“The DJ Sessions” has combined their silent disco technology with a new product on the market called a Woojer Strap. This device plugs into the TDJS headsets and allows you to “feel” the bass from the music being played. In addition to that, when you change the channels on the TDJS “Silent Concert” headsets the “feeling” of the channel switches with you.

Darran Bruce, the Executive Producer of TDJS said, “One of the biggest things we hear is that people can’t “feel” the music like you can at a nightclub or concert…Well now you can…And you can also go up to 1000 feet away from our stage and still take the thump of the bass with you. This is a game changer in the silent shows realm.” The “Silent Concert” series is streamed live at local parks in the Seattle area every weekend. Visit their website to find the show locations and lineups: www.thedjsessions.com/tdjsevents.

Providing a safe and positive way for people to collectively share a family-friendly music experience in person or online is one of the primary goals of TDJSES in a time when little to no public interactions are allowed and are not returning for the foreseeable future. People that have come to take part in the series often comment on the rejuvenating effects they feel from being outside and sharing a musical experience with the community. Adding yoga, guided meditation, and other wellness activities are scheduled to be included in the “Silent Concert” series.

In addition to the “Silent Concert” series TDJS is launching a food and clothing drive starting in October called #BundleUpAndBoogie. People can donate non-perishable food items and/or clothing (hats, gloves, socks, coats) that will go to local area food banks and families in need. Giving back to the community is one of the core principles of TDJS and working alongside with their sponsors will help those in need in such perilous times.

“Social Distancing/Personal Safety” 

The DJ Sessions Event Services is considered an “essential business/workforce” company by the Washington State Governor’s office under the “Communications” and “Community Based” sections of the WA State COVID-19 guidelines.  Each of “The DJ Sessions” Silent Disco/Concert headsets are always sterilized before and at the end of every show. Only one headset per customer is used and does not get recycled to another customer during the course of each show. TDJS provides sanitizing wipes, hand gel, and practices “personal/social distancing” at all times. TDJS headsets have a 1000 foot range so you can go wherever you like within the range of our live streaming show and still hear the live DJ Sets being played while meeting local, state, federal, and CDC guidelines.

About “The DJ Sessions” 

“The DJ Sessions”, a Twitch “Featured Partner” series, is a well-known platform where local and celebrity DJs live stream their sets and interviews to a global audience. These streaming sessions often place in the top 10 on Twitch Music when they go live. “The DJ Sessions” has been featured in the iTunes Store and recognized by Apple twice as a “News and Noteworthy” podcast with over 90,000 downloads every week. They have also been featured by both UStream and Livestream and are syndicated to over 25 other video streaming and distribution sites.About the Founder 

Darran Bruce is the founder of ​“The DJ Sessions” ​and is known for being able to bring a truly new and unique concept to the table. Years of experience in TV broadcasting and his love for electronic music led him to the launch of “The DJ Sessions” where he directs and produces over 12 shows per month. His spontaneous broadcasts stream weekly from the​ “Rooftop”, ​ “On Location”, “Silent Concert”, ​“Mobile”, Cab”, “Virtual”, and ​”Secret” ​studio locations with over 100 hours of unique programming every month. Combining “Silent Concert” technology and working with some of the top companies in the streaming community, Darran figured out a way to quadruple ​“The DJ Sessions” distribution and provide multi-genre music shows to reach a much larger demographic of electronic music fans.

For more information about “The DJ Sessions” and its live streaming mobile studio contact Darran Bruce at the www.thedjsessions.com or send an email to [email protected]

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