The DJ Sessions


Meet the Team

Darran Bruce

Seattle, WA [Executive Producer] close

“The DJ Sessions” Executive Producer is Darran Bruce. He is known to be one of those few people who has been able to bring a truly new and unique concept to the table. With vast years of experience in TV broadcasting and his die-hard love for nightlife led him to […]

Kevin Higgins

New York, NY [Talent Booking] close

Kevin Higgins is a NYC based producer and independent talent booker. He is the talent booker for The DJ Sessions, helping bring in and coordinate talent to get on The DJ Sessions as well as get Darran on podcasts and do social media work for the site. He is also […]

John Xavier Larrazabal

Philippines [PR/Social Media/Talent Booking] close

John is a dedicated and hardworking team member. His enthusiasm and positive energy brings a dynamic presence to The DJ Sessions. He brings to the table experience with administrative/pr skills and his keen sense of social media is a great asset to The DJ Sessions future growth.