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Kevin Higgins

New York, NY [Talent Booking]
Kevin Higgins - Talent Booking The DJ Sessions


Kevin Higgins is a NYC based producer and independent talent booker. He is the talent booker for The DJ Sessions, helping bring in and coordinate talent to get on The DJ Sessions as well as get Darran on podcasts and do social media work for the site. He is also a podcast producer and talent booker for several podcasts and web shows including Filmmaker SpotlightsWicked Wisdom, Minding My Business, The DK Project, and The Road to Rediscovery, amongst other podcasts.

In addition he is a film and web series producer, having produced the Amazon series Pinheads and his own podcast miniseries, What I Just Saw, which included Steven Anthony Lawrence (Even Stevens), Aria Noelle Curzon (The Land Before Time), and Justin Shenkarow (Eerie, Indiana) and Popular Youtubers Brandon Hardesty and Larry Bundy, amongst others.


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