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Avian Invasion - Resident DJ on The DJ Sessions


Avian Invasion used to be just a man, but a very old one. As he grew older, vital functions began to fail: He lost the ability to hope and, with it, the ability to dream. His eyes began to fail, so all he could see was darkness and fear. His hearing faded to a point where every new song only sounded “not as good as music used to be.”

All of this took a toll on his heart, until eventually that too threatened to break.

Avian Invasion - Resident DJ on The DJ Sessions

One day, when it seemed he would finally just wither and turn to dust, he was given a great gift. He was rebuilt, piece by piece… the broken parts replaced, the damaged parts repaired. Now he isn’t entirely a man, but not entirely a machine either.

He is simply Avian Invasion, and all he can see now is hope. The Bird’s melody-driven, dynamic performances have been showcased at venues like The Underground and Rendezvous in Seattle. Avian Invasion’s singles and albums are available everywhere dance music is sold or streamed. You can learn more at




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