The DJ Sessions



In Motion

Seattle, WA [US] close

IN MOTION produces Trance and House shows in the Seattle area. 01 Jun 2021 ATB with In Motion Productions Waterland Arcade / June 1, 2021 More info arrow_forward 06 Jul 2021 ATB with In Motion Productions Waterland Arcade / July 6, 2021 More info arrow_forward 03 Aug 2021 ATB with […]


Santiago, Chile/Seattle, WA [Chile] close

Karmy is a Chilean Trance and Progressive DJ and Producer, currently based in Seattle, WA. His career in music started off back in 2011. After studying in the prestigious Point Blank Music School he continued developing as a DJ playing at local clubs in Santiago, Chile. 2017 marked an important […]

Serjey Andre Kul

Minsk, Belarus/Seattle, WA [Belarus] close

Serjey Andre Kul is a Seattle-based Trance and House DJ and the Producer of a weekly podcast, “My Passion is Trance” and co-founder of “Our Passion is Trance & Friends. (@ourpassionistrance) He is also a resident DJ on “The DJ Sessions” as well as a resident DJ for In Motion […]

DJ Dangerish

Seattle, WA [USA] close

DJ Dangerish (Eric McNees) is a DJ, producer, audio engineer, music video/film producer, and just an all around great looking Seattle based friend. He started his music career playing guitar and writing songs in pop punk and emo bands from Spokane in the 2000s, with a first love in electronic […]


Seattle, WA [USA] close

Chris Roeder, known as CHRIS138. was born and raised in Southern California and made his way up to the PNW in 2015. He first grew a love for trance music listening to Tiesto’s “Elements of Life” album, and since then, his passion has grown from listening to mixing. Over time, […]

Avian Invasion

Seattle, WA [USA] close

Avian Invasion used to be just a man, but a very old one. As he grew older, vital functions began to fail: He lost the ability to hope and, with it, the ability to dream. His eyes began to fail, so all he could see was darkness and fear. His […]

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