“The DJ Sessions” and “Traffic Jam” are the two most exciting new live streamed series that have Featured Twitch Partner channel status. Both shows will be produced in the first ever live streaming “Mobile Studio” that will travel around the Seattle metropolitan area daily, producing hours of live streamed/video on demand content.  

The available package outlined below includes; banner placement, live in-show commercials/drops, video on demand, sponsor page on website, mentions in social posts, and ad placement in the monthly newsletter for one year with first right of refusal.

“The DJ Sessions” and “Traffic Jam” are a bold new daily series anchored by a new generation of emerging talent. These hosts travel throughout the region featuring independent and celebrity artists from many different genres. They interview area individuals who are poised for success. 

“The DJ Sessions” and “Traffic Jam” sponsors will reap the benefits of product placement, promotional consideration and pervasive commercial time during the show. In addition, sponsor banners and logos will be displayed prominently wherever and whenever “The DJ Sessions” and “Traffic Jam” are on location. Every episode will be available for viewing online in perpetuity, including all in-show sponsor segments.

More detailed information about the series and sponsorship opportunity is detailed below. You can browse our website, www.thedjsessions.com, and view the past 1700 episodes produced, including the latest series called the “Mobile Sessions”. 

Please contact us to let me know if you have received this information and if you are interested in discussing this opportunity further. We will be happy to arrange a meeting. 

Thank you very much for your consideration. We look forward to talking with you.


Darran Bruce, Executive Producer – “The DJ Sessions”

Harris Francis, Executive Producer – “Traffic Jam”

About ”The DJ Sessions”, “Traffic Jam”, and The DJ Sessions Event Services –

“The DJ Sessions” –

“The DJ Sessions” is a live streamed/podcast series featuring the hottest electronic music DJs with live mixes and interviews streamed live to a global audience.  “The DJ Sessions” is a Featured Partner channel on Twitch, their only regularly scheduled featured live streaming DJ show. 

The series has also been recognized by Apple twice as a “New and Noteworthy” podcast and has been featured three times in the iTunes store video podcast section. UStream and Livestream have also listed the series as a “Featured” stream their platforms since its inception. 

“The DJ Sessions” is also streamed live to multiple other platforms and hosted on several podcast sites. With over 1,700 episodes produced, the series has a combined live streaming/podcast audience over 90,000 viewers weekly, with over 1,300 local and celebrity DJ’s featured over the last ten years.

“Traffic Jam”

The “Traffic Jam” radio show that streams live Monday through Friday from 4-6 PM on Rainier Avenue Radio. “Dirty Harry” along with his talented co-host Fysah, a local musician  and songwriter, talk about current local/national news and conduct interviews with notable business members and artists in the Seattle community.

DJ Flame, along with other local and celebrity DJ’s, play all the current biggest music hits on the Jam. The on-air team also does Traffic Reports every 12 minutes and carries out on-air contests, engaging listeners  of the live show to win tickets to upcoming concerts and events.

The DJ Sessions Event Services –

TDJSES is the non-profit production company that produces “The DJ Sessions”, “Traffic Jam” and other online series. The primary mission is “to provide music, art, fashion, dance, and entertainment to local and regional communities via events and video production programming distributed through broadcast television and the internet for live and archival viewing.”

Current business sponsors of the “The DJ Sessions” programming are: Hardrock Cafe, Pike Brewing Co., United States DJ Association, Eastlake Bar & Grill, ORA Nightclub, International Radical Life Streamers, Think Twice, Cascadia, Parke Diem, Emerald City EDM, and Seattle Social.  

“The DJ Sessions” also works with some of the top electronic promotion crews in Seattle and Portland. They are: In Motion Productions, Resurgence, Reflect, Covert Ops, Deep N Bass, Social Functions, Seattle DJ Academy, and Compound Records. 

These are some of the companies that bring in the top celebrity artists to Seattle and TDJSES works closely with them to make sure that the appearances are scheduled. These businesses have helped to guide the mission statement and TDJSES will continue to work with us in the years to come as not only community partners but also as consultants in the industry.

The ”The DJ Sessions”/“Traffic Jam” Management

Darran Bruce –

“The DJ Sessions” Executive producer is Darran Bruce. He is known to be one of those few people who has been able to bring a truly new and unique concept to the table. With vast years of experience in TV broadcasting and his die-hard love for nightlife led him to the launch of “The DJ Sessions.” 

He currently directs and produces over 12 events per month, his spontaneous broadcasts stream weekly from the​ “Rooftop”, ​ “On Location”, “Silent Disco”, ​“Mobile”, “Cab”, and ​”Secret” ​studio locations with up to 144 hours of unique programming. 

Combining silent disco technology, and working with some of the top companies in the streaming community, Mr. Bruce figured out a way to quadruple ​“The DJ Sessions” live streaming/VOD distribution and provide multi-genre music events to reach a much larger demographic of electronic music fans.

Harris Francis a.k.a. “Dirty Harry” –

The “Traffic Jam” Executive Producer is Harris Francis a.k.a. “Dirty Harry”. From event marketing, media, and business development in Seattle for the past 20+ years, Mr. Francis has built several relationships and completed several activations with local and national brands. 

Working for companies like iHeart Radio and Def Jam Records gave him the insight to develop sponsorships and exclusive partnerships with corporations including the Seattle Seahawks, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and T-Mobile.

Currently he oversees and hosts the daily production of the “Traffic Jam” radio show that streams live Monday through Friday from 4-6 PM on Rainier Avenue Radio. The show plays all the biggest current music hits with a talented team doing interviews with a wide variety of guests. The on-air team also does Traffic Reports every 12 minutes and carries out on-air contests engaging listeners to participate in the live show to win tickets to upcoming concerts and events.

One of his strongest passions has always been building deals and executing new events from the beginning stages through completion.

The ”The DJ Sessions”/“Traffic Jam” Difference –

People watch “The DJ Sessions” and “Traffic Jam” because of the unique content both programs provide in real time to live audiences via a mobile studio that can go virtually on location producing content that is distributed locally and around the globe to thousands of viewers at a moments notice. 

From in depth interviews, live music performances from both local/celebrity DJ’s/Musicians, live time traffic reports, and more, both series will deliver trending content that will have audience participation during the live episodes and is post viewing (VOD).

”The DJ Sessions”/“Traffic Jam” Reach –

“The DJ Sessions”, a Twitch Featured Partner channel,  is currently live streamed/downloaded by over 90,000 viewers per week. “The DJ Sessions” target demographic is electronic music enthusiasts from the ages of 18 to 45, but the content is accessible to people of all ages. 

When “The DJ Sessions” channel debuted on Twitch on its first day it had over 55,000 views with 2,400 concurrent viewers in just two hours of programming. “The DJ Sessions” is working closely with Twitch to maintain regular front page recognition to showcase both series to the tens of millions of Twitch account holders.

“The DJ Sessions“ recently launched the new Mobile Studio during Q3 in Seattle at the PAX 2019 convention to over 60,000 “foot traffic” people per day from 10 AM to 6 PM, the entire four days of the Labor Day weekend. 48 hours of content was produced and there were thousands of people every day taking photos/videos of the truck on their mobile devices to share on social media. One post on Twitter for 19 seconds of video had over 19,000 views in the first three hours of its upload.

The “Traffic Jam’s” main demographic is 18-34/25-50 year olds, female/male listeners/viewers. The “Traffic Jam” first aired in July of 2019 and has become one of the hit shows on Rainier Avenue Radio getting thousands of listeners and engagements every week hosted by award winning talent.

There has been over 300 hours of live content since the “Traffic Jams” launch and it is continually producing ten or more hours per week and looking to add a morning show to the lineup.

The Mobile Studio will have banners on the sides, back, and top of the vehicle that will be highly visible to pedestrians, drivers, and passengers. It is equipped with a new technology that will provide 100% accurate head counts while driving around. 

We can also make available an add on component to this technology that can track people who see the advertising on the Mobile Studio and when they come into a business and how long they stay.

Combining these two series into a weekly, then daily program “The DJ Sessions” and Traffic Jam” will become a household name not only online and in the Seattle market, but in other markets as they expand their reach by traveling to other cities.

”The DJ Sessions”/“Traffic Jam” Visibility and Branding

Promotional association with “The DJ Sessions” and the “Traffic Jam” creates high visibility and augments brand development. Affiliation with the “The DJ Sessions” and the “Traffic Jam” will strengthen the image of your company, especially with our primary audience demographics. 

By branding your company through both series, you will ensure consumers are familiar with your company and will choose your products and services. Multimedia messages are the most memorable and effective promotional tools.

Program Characteristics –

• Twitch Featured Partner channel.

• Interactive fan website with searchable VOD database.

• High production value, energetic hosts.

• Celebrity guests

• Prize giveaways.

• Mobile viewing capability.

• Content variety: Music, interviews, celebrity appearances, and more..

Client Services –

• Commercial video bumper placement five times per hour (Beginning, every :15, and end). Commercial bumpers are embedded into every episode and will never be removed.

• In show sponsor mentions.

• Product placements (when applicable).

• Banner placement on mobile studio (sides, back, and top).

• Custom web page on both sites.

• Money-back guarantee for up to 90% of projected impressions.

• Affidavits containing complete Internet distribution information.

• Ratings and market share information for streaming, video on demand (podcasts), and web statistics, and eyes on impression counts.

”The DJ Sessions”/“ Traffic Jam”Sponsorship Opportunity –

A one year sponsorship ”The DJ Sessions”/“Traffic Jam” would include 50 days of production with six hours of content produced each day (300 hours of produced content for the year) and would not exceed more than five sponsors per day to ensure maximum visibility on both the mobile studio and within the programming. 

Additional days will be added and current sponsors will be given the first right of refusal to any new slots that become available. The target goal for both series is to have five days of production per week 

Sponsors will be invoiced and will have five business days to agree and deliver the first payment. The terms of payment can be made in one of two ways, 100% upfront or the first six months upfront and the remaining six months due on the first day of the fifth month.