The DJ Sessions



Saint Kyriaki

Los Angeles [US] close

Katie Chonacas aka Saint Kyriaki is a globally outstanding Greek-American actor with over two decades of experience in the Hollywood entertainment industry. She began her career as a classically trained actor, model, poet, painter, and philanthropist at an early age. As an actor, Chonacas made her first appearance on a […]


Rhode Island [US] close

When AthenaLuv rocks the decks she spins an eclectic mix of techno, break beats, electro and progressive; her mixing technique is “impeccable” and as a selectah she’s precise and gets you moving and grooving to her sound! Athena throws down harder than most; kickin it with that old school vibe […]

DJ Hey

San Diego, CA [US] close

Blind since birth, Heather Nyblade, professionally known as DJ Hey, is a trance DJ from San Diego California. As a blind DJ, she utilizes special equipment in order to perform. Using muscle memory of her gear and knowledge of the music, she is able to transition and mix seamlessly live. […]


Phoenix, AZ [USA] close

Blackliquid is a UK producer/composer/remixer/DJ currently based in LA. Owner of Blackliquid Productions and Co-founder of House Sound of LA. His career has spanned 24 years as a DJ, 20 years as a music producer/composer. He has been commissioned to write music for VH-1, MTV, Universal Music Group. Has remixed […]


Portland, OR [USA] close

-={ KILLKADE – “LET’S DO THIS.” }=- DJ Killian Kade – KILLKADE – seeks to reach the subconscious through the driving sounds of electronic frequencies and urban beats. Still reminiscing about the underground raves that took over the US in the late 90’s to early 2000’s, he strives to bring […]


Seattle, WA [USA] close

Seattle based DJ/ Producer DarkMark, has been heating up seattle dance floors since 2001.  DarkMark, AKA, Mark McClure, got his start playing in the seattle underground scene. Playing Venues like Naft Studio, FX, electric Tea Garden. After a short time he was on a regular rotation at top clubs in […]

Venesa Hallum

densityVR [USA] close

Like many others, the year 2020 taught me to reshape many aspects of life. It taught me how to find an alternative to making friends and normal human contact. In that time I had just moved to Germany from the USA, a move which turned out to be more of […]

John Xavier Larrazabal

Philippines [PR/Social Media/Talent Booking] close

John is a dedicated and hardworking team member. His enthusiasm and positive energy brings a dynamic presence to The DJ Sessions. He brings to the table experience with administrative/pr skills and his keen sense of social media is a great asset to The DJ Sessions future growth.

The DJ Sessions

Seattle, WA [US] close

The DJ…Sessions is the “DJ’s DJ“. He’s not a DJ…He just plays one on live streams. Born into a video world but never wanting to kill the “radio star”, The DJ…Sessions found a passion for mixing video with one of his other passions, music, at a young age. While never […]