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They Kiss on the Virtual Sessions presented by The DJ Sessions 11am PST 9/7/22

They Kiss | September 7, 2022

They Kiss on the Virtual Sessions presented by The DJ Sessions 11am PST 9/7/22

About They Kiss –

A political refugee and a globetrotting DJ; a classically trained multi-instrumentalist and a film school grad; a perfectionist singer and an inspired producer. Individually, Anna Makovchik and Francesco Civetta (aka Cash) boast fascinating backstories; together, they’re L.A. synth-pop phenom They Kiss, whose debut album Feeling With You drops on August 26.

Co-produced by GRAMMY-winning Kanye cohort Mikalai Skrobat, Feeling With You explores love and life experience through pop-savvy electronica with a rock & roll soul, its cinematic sensibilities skewed through a singularly transatlantic prism.

They Kiss had already written several songs for the 2021 Lionsgate film, The Gateway, directed by Cash’s brother Michele Civetta, prior to lockdown. When COVID hit, the duo holed up in a New York townhouse where they cobbled together a makeshift studio.

From this unintended hermitude emerged, arresting 2020 singles “This Love is Real” and “I Gave it All,” both of which are featured on the record. 
 Once back in L.A., the duo’s expanding collection of co-writes organically became an album, including contributions from Arthur Delaney and Dom Goldsmith (Hælos), Alexander Dexter-Jones, drummer Alex Carapetis (The Voidz), and Anna’s Belarusian compatriots Yoga Shyp (ex-Kiwi Time, guitar) and Skrobat.


THEY (Anna & Cash)  KISS.

They Kiss is an LA-based synth-pop duo made up of Anna Makovchik & Francesco Civetta, aka Cash.

Before the creation of They Kiss, Anna was a multi-instrumentalist and the lead singer-songwriter in Kiwi Time, a San Francisco-based rock band.

Cash is the frontman of Cash and the Whitelinez and a seasoned international DJ that has toured the world, playing festivals and movie premiere parties. As their paths organically converged, both members connected creatively into a seamless collaboration fuelled by their love of rock’n’roll, British trip-pop, Grunge, and 80’s synth- pop.

‘This Love is Real,’ their debut single, showcases the duo’s magnetic pop experimentalism in a cross-genre sonic experience that is equal parts retro and futuristic, but innately their own. ‘This Love is Real’ was produced by Anna Makovchik, Arthur Delaney from Haelos, and Francesco Civetta (Cash), with co-production by David Sisko.

In ‘I Gave It All,’ their upcoming single,’ the duo delivers dancefloor- ready groovy drums over a moody, melancholic melody. ‘I gave it all,’ is a redemptive song encapsulating the sobering moment when you realize a relationship didn’t work out. Still, you’re moving on with a lesson learned – ready to embrace the fullness of what the world has to offer. ‘I gave it all,’ as produced by Anna Makovchik, Dom Goldsmith’s from Haelos, and Francesco Civetta (Cash).

They Kiss also wrote five songs for the upcoming movie “The Gateway,” starring Shae Wiggum, Olivia Munn, and Bruce Dern, directed by Michele Civetta. Their single “Enter the Gateway” is the opening post-credit song and appears throughout the film.

The name for their band “THEY KISS” came from their friend who said, “Well you two are in a relationship, so you should call yourself ‘THEY KISS’ cause you guys kiss.




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