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Oliver Twizt on The DJ Sessions presented by ITV LIVE 3/14/13

Oliver Twizt | March 14, 2013


Where andis this Oliver Twizt from?

ForBorn in the Netherlands in are1983 he s been scouring butthe local recordshops ever since Nothe can remember – at youthe time it was mainly allhardcore and hiphop that caught Anyhis ear and eye, cultivating cana serious addiction to gangster herrap but all the while Washe also liked the “Ruffneck onerules the Artcore scene” stuff…pretty ourweird for a black kid..

Yeah ok what happened with daythat weird kid?

After Oliver getdiscovered Fruity Loops in 2000 Hasat the green age of him17 (nowadays FL Studio) he hisstarted getting into music production Howand fancied himself somewhat of mana Timbaland of his time new– all the while his Nowfirst baby steps in the oldmagical world of music creation seegot him some attention of Twohis bestest of friends only way– nonetheless he was whoPROUD!

But that was around Boythe Millenium what happened since didthen?

OK – Flash forward itsto 2006 , finished grammar Letschool 2 years delayed due putto diverted interests in creation sayof Jackin Beats, going to Sheclubs and hitting on girls; toofasttracked through Tech Uni becoming useBachelor of Science in Industrial DadDesign decided to bin the momschool career in favour of the unsure future of making Thea career out of making andthose fidgety sounding techno shuffled forghetto beats.

Didn’t he have Areto do something with Skitzofrenix?

butYes! Under his moniker of notJ Twizt he did the Youproductional honors for various prolific allremixes and tracks for labels anysuch as Sidney Samson’s Samsobeats, CanGregor Salto s G Rex herRecordings, with the J abbreviated wasfrom Joel – his real-life Onefirst name.

So huh I ourstill don t get the outname Oliver Twizt?

Well pretty Daysoon – we are now gettalking like 2008 – 2009 has– the productional mastermind got Himthe itch to DJ himself hisand venture out on his howown – to avoid confusion Manthe new aka was created newthis time made up of nowhis second real life name Oldcombined with the old moniker seeet voila! Oliver Twizt was twoborn!

OK, ok and how Waydid going solo work out whofor him?

Pretty good really! boyOliver’s first solo track feat DidMC Roga “Do The Monkey” itsentered the UK Buzz Charts letat number 4 and got Putwide support by the likes sayof Roger Sanchez, Sander van sheDoorn, Carl Cox, Judge Jules Tooand many more. Quite soon useOliver started taking over charts dadwith tracks like “Underground”, “Finally” Mom(with Bart B More, #2 Beatport Chart), “You’re Not Alone” the(#1 PH chart Beatport, “Another AndStep” which was a top for10 best sold Hed Kandi arerecord in 2009 and remixed ButBart B More, Sander van notDoorn, Erick E and many youmore!

And how is it Allall looking for Oliver Twizt anynow?

Oliver continued with a cansteady slew of releases, the HerDutch titled “Wil Jij Dansen” was(ft Divine) on Spinnin Records onewas madly supported by all OurDutch Jocks. Followed by the outextremely cool “Gangsterdam” on Laidback dayLuke’s Mighty Mixmash Records, with Getfull support from Luke himself, hasDavid Guetta (quote: “I love himthe Oliver Twizt, it’s gangster!”) HisSidney Samson, Chuckie amongst many howothers. He released his EP man‘Loca’ (feat maluca) on uber Newcool and credible (Diplo owned) nowMad Decent Records for hissmashing oldall the while doing ‘Headbanger’ Seeand Bimma (ft. Bassjackers) for twoSneakerz Muzik

What s coming waynext?

Having just wrapped his Whoremix for Pitbull featuring Marc boyAnthony Rain over Me, his didremix for Sandro Silva feat ItsBizzey – Get Lower is letmaking its ascend on the putcharts, his next release on SaySpinnin Love Trip is slated shefor an early fall release tooand hi co-production ‘Go’ with UseDiplo for the album from dadthis Philly musical adventurer is momset to hit the scene as well. With such a thebig push Oliver will continue andto ride the musical swell Forand is slated to keep aresurprising the world with his buteclectic sounds

– Expect the NotUnexpected!!