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Watch “LUNCH” by Billie Eilish

EQ Music Blog | May 20, 2024

In the past, I have shared some thoughts about Billie Eilish‘s music on this blog, namely expressing that her style didn’t resonate with me and that I wasn’t a fan of other artists imitating her. However, with the release of her latest album “Hit Me Hard And Soft,” I can see that Billie and her producer, brother FINNEAS, are embracing a more experimental, fun and authentic approach, which is quite intriguing.

Even though I haven’t listened to the entire album yet, I did take the time to watch the music video for the track “LUNCH.” Within seconds, to my complete surprise, I found myself drawn to this particular Billie Eilish track and felt a strong urge to feature it on the blog.

Billie has a knack for being straightforward, and “LUNCH” is no exception. Her new queer anthem has captivated many of us, even though it may not have been what we were expecting. In addition to Bright Light Bright Light’s “Enjoy Youth,” (also released Friday) where “sex” is the first word spoken. Similarly, Billie has also fearlessly incorporated some bold lyrics into the opening lines of “LUNCH.” Namely, “I could eat that girl for lunch. Yeah, she dances on my tongue. Tastes like she might be the one”… “It’s a craving not a crush.

I love the music video directed by Billie – it’s beaming with colour and super fun vibes. Moreover, I really won’t mind if other artists hop on the trend of making fun vibes, because that is truly what the world needs.

Since she previewed the song at her secret set at Coachella. It’s safe to say, that Billie, along with Chappell Roan are on trend as making 2024 a very hot girl summer to remember. 

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