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Watch Harry Styles revive fan favourite ‘The Banana Song’

NME | Music News | March 9, 2023

Harry Styles has brought back a long-running inside joke with his fans in the form of the jokey ‘Banana Song’ while in Auckland, New Zealand.

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While performing in Auckland on Tuesday (March 7), Styles broke out ‘The Banana Song’ from his archives after seeing multiple fans donning banana suits in the crowd. He would go on to extend the song, incorporating peas and aubergines into the mix.

“She’s dressed as a banana / She’s dressed as a banana / Aye, aye aye,” Styles sang while increasing the count of banana suits in the crowd. “There’s two more bananas / Aye, aye, aye / One, two, three, four bananas / I can see a fifth banana / there’s another banana.”

Watch a clip of Styles’ ‘Banana Song’ below.

He continued, pointing out two people dressed as peas: “There’s two people dressed up as peas / There’s two people dressed up as peas / Is there anyone dressed as an aubergine? / Is there anyone dressed as an aubergine? / No, no, no, there’s not, there’s not an aubergine.”

Styles first debuted ‘The Banana Song’ back in 2021 when he saw a fan dressed as a banana at one of his concerts. Since then, multiple concert-goers would show up to his gigs dressed as fruits in the hopes that he would once again perform his impromptu tune.

During the same show, Styles would address an incident on social media last weekend when he posted a photograph of himself wearing a One Direction t-shirt to his Instagram Story before quickly deleting it.

“I guess some of us have secrets,” he said. “Maybe, like some people, you want to keep something to yourself, and maybe one day you will accidentally post it to your Instagram Story.”

Styles’ “accidental” post marks his latest nod to his former bandmates in One Direction. Last month, Styles thanked One Direction after he was named Artist Of The Year at the 2023 BRIT Awards.

He said towards the end of his speech: “I wanna thank NiallLouisLiam and Zayn, because I wouldn’t be here without you either. Thank you so much.”

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