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Watch “BET” by METTE

EQ Music Blog | June 7, 2024

I’ve read so much about break-out singer-songwriter METTE, and it does seem she’s the latest pop darling on the ascent. Achieving early acclaim for her 2023 debut EP “METTENARRATIVE” and a video of the year win with track, “Mama’s Eyes” at the UK Music Video Awards in 2023. Mette is definitely firmly under the gaze of the music industry. The “METTENARRATIVE” EP acted as a showcase for her diverse artistry and music-making strengths. Yet I have craved a big hit of poptasticness from METTE to write about her on the blog. The pop energy I wanted to hear has arrived in the form of the new single “BET.”

Essentially in a music sense “BET” is stylized as a disco pop offering, but unlike most contemporary efforts which concentrate on the electronic-hued stylings. “BET” appears to take influence from the great disco pioneer Nile Rodgers. Furthermore, I am truly living for the noticeable inclusion of 808 drums and rhythmic bongos, and I can almost hear the Sister Sledge realness oozing out of every bar of this groovalicious masterpiece. In her own inimitable style, METTE has brought the early disco aesthetic bang up to date.

The track explores becoming gripped by unrequited love and turning the situation the full three-sixty degrees, by switching the accent on loving yourself first.

“I thought I was writing a song about external love, but really, I was writing a song about eternal love. I realize now that “BET” was meant to remind me that self-love is worth betting everything on.” METTE exclaims.

METTE is that artist who is too cool to stick out a boring, dancing on the dancefloor at the club concept music video for a disco track. Instead, we see her giving her all, dancing and creating havoc in the parking lot. The two versions of METTE, that is. The bewildered one sat inside the car and the energetic racing around the tarmac version funkily strutting her stuff.

The sound of the summer, not half. When listening to “BET” every fibre of my being is left feeling smoking hot.

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