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Video Interview: John Moreland on “Visitor”

Americana UK | June 11, 2024

The songs are so personal only a DIY recording approach could capture their essence.

With his new album ‘Visitor’ John Moreland went back to the DIY approach of his first albums, recording and tracking the album in his lounge with the help of his wife. Americana UK’s Martin Johnson caught up with him over Zoom in his truck as he waited for his wife in Oklahoma, to discuss ‘Visitor’ and why he decided to go back to a DIY approach. John Moreland explained that the songs were so personal that it felt the right way to record them, and it is where he’s at musically at the moment. He was brought up in an strict-religious household, and while John is very clear that he wasn’t criticising his family, he explains that the personal impact of being exposed to extreme religious views as he was growing up will be with him for the rest of his life. Also, he believes he has been doing his own thing musically long enough that he now has his own style that is independent of his influences. While there are no firm plans in place, he says he is thinking about coming to the UK and Europe in 2025, particularly as he is getting over his concerns about flying.

John Moreland’s ‘Visitor’ is out now on Old Omens/Thirty Tigers.

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