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Vegyn shares “A Dream Goes on Forever” featuring John Glacier from new LP

Alternative Press Magazine | February 21, 2024

British producer, DJ, and designer Vegyn, aka Joseph Winger Thornalley, has a new album, The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions, on the way. It’s out on April 5 via his own PLZ Make it Ruins label, and it features Lauren Auder, John Glacier, Léa Sen, Ethan P. Flynn, and Matt Maltese. See the cover art and tracklist below.

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The latest single is “A Dream Goes on Forever,” which follows “Halo Flip,” “Makeshift Tourniquet,” and “The Path Less Travelled.” It features John Glacier, who Vegyn’s collaborated with before, and you can watch the video, directed by Joshua Gordon, below. Vegyn says a “sort of happy melancholia” permeates his work, and that holds true for this song, too, with its twinkling synths and hazy beats.

Vegyn The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions tracklist
“A Dream Goes On Forever” (feat. John Glacier)
“Another 9 Days” (feat. Ethan P. Flynn)
“Turn Me Inside” (feat. Léa Sen)
“Halo Flip” (feat. Lauren Auder)
“Everything Is The Same”
“The Path Less Travelled”
“Makeshift Tourniquet”
“Time Well Spent”
“In The Front” (feat. John Glacier)
“Trust” (feat. Matt Maltese)
“Stress Test”
“Last Night I Dreamt I Was Alone”
“Unlucky For Some…”

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