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Track/Video: Brazilian guitar supremo Fabiano Do Nascimento previews next album ‘Das Nuvens’ with the gliding, nu-beat title track.

Backseat Mafia | May 25, 2023

After five albums for the global beat connoisseurs Now Again, Brazilian acoustic guitar supremo Fabiano Do Nascimento has sidled across LA to join with the Leaving Records community. The result, the album ‘Das Nuvens’ set for July 21st release and previewed by the title track to signpost what we can expect.

The track is a glowing introduction to the composer’s unrestricted mindset, a thermal glide over soft padding electro beats and minimal chord strides that suggest nu-samba dynamics. With a hint of Thundercat vamping at ground level with Fabiano’s plucked strings arcing the notes skywards, that hunch of a bright new direction grows. There’s an airborne clarity here, with the title ‘Das Nuvens’ (or ‘From the Clouds’) summarising the tune’s atmospheric sweep perfectly. Even the sub-dub granulation and gradual dispersion of the beats in the outplay, sounds so natural and organic.

If you know anything of Nascimento’s impressive back catalogue such persuasive music making will be of no surprise. His accomplished instrumental touch, whether on seven, twelve or oktav guitar, his intuitive feel for classic Brazilian music, from the legendary bosa of Leny Andrade to Arthur Verocai’s lush orchestrations, plus his compositional clarity,all mean that his records never fail to elevate. The signs are that ‘Das Nuvens’ will more than maintain that flow, with some jazz-fusion, electronic and beat driven energy extending Nascimento’s ambitious horizons even further.

Pre-order your copy of ‘Das Nuvens’ by Fabiano Do Nascimento HERE

Written by Backseat Mafia


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