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Track: Anth Dymke hopes for ‘Better Days’: a magnificent track featuring the silken voice of Clara Mallia Higgins.

Backseat Mafia | February 27, 2023

Following up the release of the single ‘Carol‘, songwriter and producer Anth Dymke (Pony Face) has swiftly followed up with the gorgeous delicate track ‘Better Days’. Cementing his position as one of the most exciting producers in Australia (see his work with Jo Meares), this is a brooding, beautiful track that simmers and bubbles with a quiet intensity, slowly building up layers that provides a gentle support for the exquisite vocals of Clara Mallia Higgins.

Her vocals have an aching quality filled with yearning, while the instruments form a drone of pattering percussion and a lilting piano that follows the melody, as strings blossom and billow in the undercurrents. The circular rounds of the melody create a mesmerising enchanting reverie. Think of a cross between Massive Attack The Cocteau Twins and Sigur Ros.

The accompanying video was put together by Dymke himself from royalty-free stock footage and his own footage and is utterly sublime – monochrome, striking vignettes that flow with the dreamy pillow of the music:

As with his previous single ‘Carol’, ‘nothing’Better Days’ has not been formally released and Dymke is building up some incredible material for an album. Based on the evidence so far, it is going to be magnificent.

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