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Thomas Bangalter, one half of the legendary duo Daft Punk, is set to release a new solo album

Decoded Magazine | January 25, 2023

Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter will release his first solo album, ‘Mythologies’, which will feature an orchestral piece he wrote for a ballet of the same name. The album is set to arrive on April 7 via Erato/Warner Classics.

‘Mythologies’ is Bangalter’s first independent orchestral work, and was commissioned by choreographer Angelin Preljocaj. Featuring 23 tracks across 90 minutes, the piece was intended for ten dancers from the Opéra National de Bordeaux’s ballet company, ten others from Preljocaj’s own company, and the house’s resident orchestra. Disregarding stylistic conventions, it touches on everything from baroque music to American minimalism.

According to a press release, Bangalter’s score for Mythologies does not draw on his electronic and dance music background; in fact, Preljocaj reportedly approached him about the project just when Bangalter was eager to write a piece for a full orchestra.

The 90-minute composition draws on Bangalter’s love of Baroque music, with some “hints” of American minimalism.

01. Premiers Mouvements
02. Le Catch
03. Thalestris
04. Les Gémeaux I
05. Les Amazones
06. L’Arrivée d’Alexandre
07. Treize Nuits
08. Danae
09. Zeus
10. L’Accouchement
11. Les Gorgones
12. Renaissances
13. Le Minotaure
14. Eden
15. Arès
16. Aphrodite
17. Les Naïades
18. Pas de Deux
19. Circonvolutions
20. Les Gémeaux II
21. Icare
22. Danse Funèbre
23. La Guerre

Erato/Warner Classics will release Mythologies on April 7th, 2023.

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