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The Tropicanas – Thoughts Inside Your Head

Edge of Arcady | February 6, 2024

When creating rock’n’roll music you have a few choices: you can have your music reflect the warts and all world you live in or you can fuck off the world you live in and create your own day-glo paradise. West Lothian quintet The Tropicanas opt for the second route, which is the reason why ‘Thoughts Inside Your Head’ sounds as if it was written for the gleaming Pacific sun more than their bracing Scottish homeland.

A potential song of frustration and crossed wires uses that same alchemy to turn misunderstanding into awe and wonder for whatever thoughts are going through their lover’s mind, stating the conclusion “I guess I’ll never know what’s going on behind those eyes, I hope a galaxy or an endless shimmering sea”, while the sparkling, chiming surf-guitars and ebullient drums keep the sun-soaked poolside party going.

‘Thoughts Inside Your Head’ was released via Strap Originals records on 2nd February 2024 after the lads won the label’s Strap World Cup, resulted in the single being recorded by the wonderous Jason Stafford at The Albion Rooms Studio in Margate.

We’ve put a link to the track on Spotify below but you can also listen wherever in the world you choose to obtain your tunes:

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