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The Last Whole Earth Catalog’s ‘If Only’ is a long and winding gem.

HARD OF HEARING MUSIC | February 24, 2024

The latest single from the prolific group is a welcome return after 2023’s excellent ‘Do You Face the Brutal Reality.’

Words: Lloyd Bolton

‘If Only’ is the latest release from The Last Whole Earth Catalog, the prolific and consistently surprising group that centres around the songs of Dan Parr. Like many of the group’s defining songs, it winds between moods and moments, guided here by Parr’s jangling and idiosyncratic riffs and gentle voice. A rolling opening swirls into a more jagged middle section where the lyrics lament the world’s woes with a list of ‘If only’s,’ Parr’s plaintive voice forming the reasonable eye of the storm. This section concludes into a bedroom chorale, gently guiding the song to its conclusion.

The single is the latest release since 2023’s outstanding and diverse collection ‘Do You Face the Brutal Reality,’ recording during and either side of Parr’s extensive travels around the United States. It heralds the group’s show at the Finsbury coming up on 2nd March and, with new music constantly on the horizon it marks an excellent standalone introduction to those new to the band.



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