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SoundCloud Draws Inspiration From TikTok for New AI-Powered Music Discovery Feature | March 16, 2023

SoundCloud has been testing the feature on iOS and Android applications with a select pool of users.

SoundCloud has had a tumultuous past, but they’re now latching onto TikTok’s tried-and-true features to swing the pendulum.

Powered by artificial intelligence, SoundCloud’s new music discovery feature draws a lot of parallels with TikTok. The new vertical feed reportedly allows users to seamlessly scroll between songs and it’ll highlight clips as they browse.

The company has been testing the feature on iOS and Android applications with a select pool of users. These beta testers see new “Discover” and “Following” pages under the Feed tab. The AI component means SoundCloud will be more in-tune with what you’re listening to on the platform, and the Discover page will display tracks “based on your listening history and musical taste.” 

As SoundCloud is recommending tracks on the Discover page, captions will appear above song name, letting users know why they’re being recommend that particular track: “Because you follow Artist A” or “Because you liked Song XYZ.” Listeners can also enjoy a revamped way to comment on music and add it to a playlist.

SoundCloud’s new Discover tab.


Last year, SoundCloud rolled out a nifty bot integration with Discord, a community-building social media service that is extremely popular in the gaming and technology sectors.

SoundCloud also announced a full rebrand of its creator services arm to “SoundCloud For Artists.” The initiative was led by Tracy Chan, a former Twitch and Spotify executive credited for creating the streaming giant’s Spotify for Artists platform.

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