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Someone Should Have Checked On The Gallagher Brothers Before Mentioning An Oasis Reunion

The | May 25, 2023

The Gallagher brothers are at it again, taking their feelings about each other into the open via a new interview and Twitter.

It turns out that a source who told The Sun that Liam and Noel Gallagher were planning an Oasis reunion should have checked with the brothers first.

Earlier this week, a tip about a potential Oasis reunion came from a source close to Liam Gallagher’s live agents, Wasserman. “It’s very early days for the plan, and the proposed dates are a long way off. But if all members agree to do it, history will be made,” the source told The Sun.

Oasis previously performed two record-breaking shows at Knebworth in Hertfordshire in 1996, playing to 250,000 people in total; Robbie Williams broke that record in 2003 when he performed to 375,000 people over three nights at the venue.

The source continued, “Tickets would sell like hot cakes and fans would rejoice in seeing the band together again. It would be the perfect way for Oasis to come back together again and wouldn’t involve a tiresome touring schedule.”

Since that news broke, Noel has called Liam “disingenuous”, and Liam called Noel a “coward” and a “bellend”.

In a recent appearance on the White And Jordan show, Noel triggered a fresh public spat by stating, “Well, I put it out there. [Liam] won’t call… I mean, he should call me, because he’s like, he’s forever going on about it. You’d have thought by now, he’d have some kind of plan.

“He doesn’t have to speak to me. He won’t speak to me, he’s a coward. So he should get some of his people, his agent, to call my people and say, ‘Look, this is what we’re thinking.’ And then we’ll have a conversation about it. Until then, he’s being a little bit disingenuous.”

Liam promptly fired back on Twitter and wrote, “I don’t wish AIDS on people I turn up and play the MUSIC for the people of MANCHESTER who have just had a terror attack while you sit on your dingy sipping champagne and you got the audacity to call me a COWARD sit down you [bell]end”. As Consequence reports, that AIDS reference calls back to Noel’s comments towards Blur in the 90s.

Liam then tweeted again that his brother is “full of shit he HATES oasis fans doesn’t mind them buying his records.”

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