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Sir Winston shares an exciting video for his immersive experience titled ‘Perfectly Numb’

FM For Music | June 25, 2023

Sir Winston, an Australian DJ & producer based in New York City, shares his new electrifying indie-sleaze track Perfectly Numb. It will not fail to impress you and leave you wanting more.

Perfectly Numb is an absolute banger that combines indie-sleaze vibes with dance beats for a totally immersive experience.

The energy it brings is absolutely thrilling, and its upbeat tempo will get everyone on their feet. It’s definitely playlist-worthy. Perfectly Numb is part of the upcoming EP titled Démons à Combattre.

This total party starter comes with a super clip that was filmed on the New York subway. The video features Sir Winston, alongside the W.A.F.F.L.E. team of talented Litefeet Subway Dancers including Kid The Wiz, Joel Leitch and Lady Slic.

Perfectly Numb has got a mesmerizing electro vibe that will make you want to hit the dance floor. The sound brings you back to the glorious days of the 2010 bloghaus era, creating an atmosphere that can boost your mood in no time.

When talking about how the track came to be, Sir Winston mentioned that he really loved the arpeggiated synth riff. “I love the arpeggiated synth riff – the track grew from that riff and the bass line. When the synth riff was looping in the studio, I yelled, ‘this is making me perfectly numb’ – Booooooom!”

Recorded at Transmitter Studios in Brooklyn, Sir Winston got all nostalgic…“everything flowed and ran like a dream for ‘Perfectly Numb.‘ – Looking back at the process, he mentioned – “We found the new sound we were after. Completing it brought total joy – I left the studio beaming.” 

He’s been killing it in the clubs back home in Australia and now he’s ready to take on the world. The Tech House DJ’s set has just the right amount of dark vibes, taking you on a proper party journey as you dance into the wee hours.

Sir Winston’s music is a unique blend of indie pop and electronic vibes, with influences from awesome bands like LCD Soundsystem, MGMT, New Order, and even some darker tunes from Nine Inch Nails. It’s the kind of sound that can get stuck in your head for days!

Get ready to be blown away by Sir Winston‘s upcoming EP, Démons à Combattre. It’s going to be an exceptional showcase of his talent and creativity.

Photos by Julia Gabella

Written by FM For Music


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