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Single Review: Hieroglyphs by Tom Tikka

Jem Girl at the Piano | February 9, 2024
I am pleased to share my first single review of 2024, which is by an artist who is celebrating 20 years in the music industry! The song is Hieroglyphs by singer-songwriter Tom Tikka.


Hieroglyphs is the third track Tom’s latest album Rainbows and Dead Flowers. As someone who was recently introduced to Tom’s music, I can describe his music as happy, upbeat and having a funk and soul vibe to it. This is definitely represented in the track Hieroglyphs.
Hieroglyphs talks about a man who is fed up with casual relationships and is craving an intimate connection. Tom draws references to the current state of the world, where people seem to be less and less bothered by feelings and emotions and how he wishes that would change.
A little over three minutes, the track opens with a funky guitar rift that features throughout the song. Tom has raw, emotive vocals that carry the lyrics and his emotions well. I think it is well placed in the album at number three, because it’s definitely a song you keep thinking about, once you hear it. The arrangement flows from start to finish and continues the flow during the anticlimax of the song where the rhythm changes before reverting back to the original melody.
You can listen to the track on popular music streaming platforms and follow Tom and his journey across social media.

Written by Jem Girl at the Piano


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