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Rowan Stuart’s ‘Empire’ blends reality with fantasy

| March 15, 2023
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South African singer-songwriter-guitarist Rowan Stuart has a really cool plan going in 2023 – releasing new music every month for six months, beginning with alt-pop bop Empire in March. Then you can look forward to the rest of the songs coming out in the coming months.

From beginning to end, Empire with its inspiring but melancholic atmosphere is a perfect representation of Stuart’s talent in song writing. The compelling story and melody on display are sure to get everyone hooked from the first note. Rowan Stuart wrote, directed and edited the amazing video for the new track, featuring dancer Brittany Goldswain and boxer Coach Neza.

Rowan Stuart was working on a song on his computer when suddenly an idea for Empire hit him. It started with a piano melody that he hadn’t expected. It was a kind of dark and intense vibe, which I think led to the feel of the track.

Stuart has released five solo albums and is still pushing forward with his distinctive sound of Story-Driven Dream Folk Pop to merge reality and fantasy.

He shares: “My job is to find the glint of magic in the mundane, and to carefully chisel away until something rare and majestic reveals itself. This is my sanctuary, and it is here for anyone who needs a refuge from the chaos of modern life, and who could do with a little more meaningful escapism in their own life.”

Growing up, Rowan Stuart felt like he didn’t fit in and wanted to find a more perfect world. He turned to music and found solace in being able to create the reality that he wanted with his own words and melodies.

When he was 11, he stumbled upon the guitar and it became the key to unlock his inner thoughts and ideas.

From a young age, playing the instrument just came naturally to him and soon he was in high demand as a session guitarist. Still, he felt compelled to tell his own stories, inspired, he decided to take the plunge in 2008 and pursue a career as a singer-songwriter. His first album, A Thousand Brand New Places, was released then.

For his upcoming projects, he’ll be incorporating a ‘post-apocalyptic fairytale’ look – drawing upon the dystopian elements of current times as well as his fascination with sci-fi & fantasy.

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