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Rising artist Nolan Lewis blends genres and champions diversity with ‘Do Your Eyeballs Ever Feel Warm?’ EP

FM For Music | May 20, 2024

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, and now splitting his time between Bethesda, MD, and Middletown, CT, Nolan Lewis has entranced audiences with his catchy pop-rap style. After gaining attention from actress Beanie Feldstein, Nolan cemented his position with his album PLASTIQUE (Deluxe) in December 2023. His remix of Nicki Minaj’s FTCU garnered over three million views on TikTok, further elevating his profile.

The rising independent artist Nolan Lewis is making waves once again with the release of his latest musical endeavor, the EP Do your eyeballs ever feel warm? This six-track project highlights Nolan’s diverse talents and his dedication to supporting Black and queer artists.

Nolan Lewis reveals:  “’Do your eyeballs ever feel warm?’ is a love letter to my experience on spring break with The Wesleyan Spirits, a time characterised by moments of closeness that you cannot access in any other environment. I drew inspiration from the diverse musical tastes of my fellow group members. The EP is a true reflection of the well-roundedness of our group and the musical interests we share.”

Now, with Do your eyeballs ever feel warm?, Nolan delves into his a cappella and choral roots, seamlessly blending elements of hip-hop/rap, electro-pop, country, bossa nova, and psychedelic soul. The EP is spearheaded by the electrifying single PACKUPNGO!, a high-energy track that showcases Nolan’s versatility and draws comparisons to PinkPantheress and KAYTRANADA, with vocals reminiscent of Doja Cat and Aminé.

Despite the EP’s intricate blend of genres, production, writing, and recording were completed in under a month, showcasing Nolan’s artistic vision and unwavering dedication. Do your eyeballs ever feel warm? encapsulates the essence of Nolan’s musical odyssey and is poised to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Furthermore, Nolan Lewis’s dedication to championing diversity within the industry shines brightly through his music and advocacy efforts. By fearlessly incorporating diverse influences and amplifying underrepresented voices, Nolan is actively contributing to a more inclusive music scene.

As Do your eyeballs ever feel warm? gains attention, Nolan Lewis is poised to make a lasting impact on music. He inspires listeners and fellow artists to embrace individuality and celebrate diversity.

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