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Post Malone Talks Super Bowl Pregame Performance & the Only Reason He’s Rooting for the Chiefs

Billboard | February 8, 2024

It’s no surprise that superstar Post Malone loves Bud Light: “I’m the tip of the spear when it comes to consumption,” he says of the brand through an audible smirk.


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Which is why it’s also no surprise that Posty will star in Bud Light’s Super Bowl commercial for his third year in a row. “Maybe it will become a tradition and we just do one every year until everyone is sick of seeing me,” he questions aloud.

“I feel very handsome in this one,” he adds, noting how this commercial feels different from his previous two. “I’m going for a Clooney vibe. You know, Clooney is a little older, but he’s still a total stud. And I think, hopefully God willing, that’s what happens to me. Because I’ve been such an awkward looking dude forever, so maybe I’ll get the Clooney effect. Maybe it’ll be me and Clooney for the next Bud Light ad.”

And yet, he jokes that the team behind the commercial wouldn’t let him in their creative meetings. “They said my ideas were too epic,” he recalls.

He’s not wrong. When speaking of his long-standing fandom of the brand, another idea rolls right out: the beer blankie. 

“I remember at the legal age of 21 I enjoyed [my first Bud Light] and I was like, ‘You know what? This is my deal. It makes me feel comfortable.’ And ever since then, it’s been kinda like my beer blankie. I still have my blankie, too. So it’s kinda like that … Me and Clooney with a beer blankie – that’s the next commercial.”

Despite being a Bud Light commercial veteran at this point, Post will also experience a major first during Super Bowl weekend: attending the big game. Post is one of three pregame performers, along with Reba McEntire and Andra Day, who will be singing the national anthem and “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” respectively.

As for Posty, he’ll be tackling “America the Beautiful.” And while he’s never performed the song publicly before, he reveals, “I sing it all the time, like, randomly in my most patriotic moments. It’s a song that’s always in the back of my head, and if I’m playing games or just walking around, I’ll sing it at the top of my lungs. So I’m very excited – and I’m definitely 100 percent not nervous at all to sing it in front of millions of people at the Super Bowl.”

He says he and longtime collaborator Louis Bell, along with others, have been making tweaks to how he will perform the classic, saying fans can expect a bit of country twang. “I’m just gonna sing my heart out the best I can and give America – no matter how s—-y it is – the love [this song] deserves.”


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And while his beloved Dallas Cowboys will not be competing on Super Bowl Sunday, Post plans to represent them by wearing a “beautiful vintage bomber jacket signed by Tom Landry [the Cowboys’ first head coach]. I won’t be the only one there in a Cowboy’s jersey – because we know who’s supposed to be there. We got it next year.”

Until then, if he had to pick, he says he’ll be rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs – only because he has a KC tattoo – “not for any other reason … Pat [Mahomes] and Travis [Kelce], they’re great guys. A lot of great guys on both teams. But everyone in America knows who’s supposed to be there.”

Watch his Bud Light commercial below.

Written by Billboard


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