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KHAG3 on The DJ Sessions presents the Virtual Sessions 10/12/23

KHAG3 | October 12, 2023

KHAG3 on The DJ Sessions presents the Virtual Sessions 10/12/23

About KHAG3 –

KHAG3, born Kevin Holck, is an emerging German House Music DJ and producer known for his infectious beats and energetic live performances. He was born on May 24, 1995, in Stuttgart, Germany.

From a young age, KHAG3 developed a passion for electronic music and embarked on his career as a DJ and producer. Inspired by renowned House Music figures such as Tchami, 3LAU and Oliver Heldens, he began producing his own tracks and performing live sets.
KHAG3’s music is characterized by catchy melodies, driving rhythms, and captivating basslines. His sets are known for getting people on the dance floor, moving and celebrating. With his unique ability to blend various House styles, he creates an immersive atmosphere that captivates the audience.

Throughout his career, KHAG3 has already released several successful singles and remixes. His tracks have been featured on esteemed labels like 2-dutch and Chapter Eight, gaining significant recognition within the House Music scene.

In addition, KHAG3 has performed at renowned clubs together with worldwide prominent Artists like Mike Cervello , BUNT. , Dastic and many more. His high-energy performances and his ability to read and adapt to the crowd’s mood make him a sought-after DJ in the scene.
KHAG3 is committed to pushing the boundaries of the House Music scene with his unique style and passion for electronic music. His dedication to the art of DJing and producing is reflected in his music, which encourages people to forget their worries and dance to the rhythm of the beats.

With a growing fan base and a continuous drive for musical innovation, KHAG3 has the potential to become a prominent figure in the House Music scene. His music will continue to get people dancing and celebrating all around the world as he further develops his own distinct sound.

Released on: 2-dutch | Chapter Eight | Diverge Records | House of Hustle | DeeVu Records | Sub49 Records | Phunk Junk Music | Impvlse Records | Digital Empire Records | Ensis Records | Jendex Records

About The DJ Sessions – 

“The DJ Sessions” is a Twitch/Mixcloud “Featured Partner” live streaming/podcast series featuring electronic music DJ’s/Producers via live mixes/interviews and streamed/distributed to a global audience.

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The series is also streamed live to multiple other platforms and hosted on several podcast sites. It has a combined live streaming/podcast audience is over 125,000 viewers per week.

With over 2,400 episodes produced over the last 12 years “The DJ Sessions” has featured international artists such as: BTYoungr, Dr. FreschFerry CorstenSevennJacob HenryWukiDiscoKittyMoon BeatsSpag HeddyScott SlyterSimply CityRob GeeMickeJerry DavilaTeenage MutantsWooliCurbiAlex WhalenVintage & MorelliNetskyRich DietZStylustBexxieChuwe, Proff, MuzzRaphaelleBorisMJ ColeFlipsideRoss HarperDJ S.K.T., SkeeterBissen2SOONKayzoSabatKatie ChonacasDJ FabioHomemadeHollaphonicLady WaksDr. UshuuArty/Alpha 9, Miri Ben-AriDJ RubyDJ ColetteNima GorjiKaspar TasaneAndy CaldwellParty ShirtPlastik FunkENDOJohn TejadaHossAlejandroDJ Sash UArkleyBee BeeCozmic CatSuperstar DJ KeokiCrystal WatersSwedish Egil, Martin EyererDezarateMaddy O’NealSonic UnionLea LunaBelle HumbleMarc MarzenitAthenaLuvMaximillianSaeed YounanInkfishKidd MikeMichael AnthonyThey KissDownuprightHarry “the Bigdog” JamisonDJ TigerDJ Aleksandra22BulletsCarlo AstutiMr JammerKevin KrissenAmir ShararaCoke BeatsDanny DarkoDJ PlaturnTyler StoneChris CocoPurple FlyDan MarcianoJohan BlendeAmber LongRobot KochRobert Babicz, KHAG3ElohimHausmanJaxx & VegaYves VAyokayLeandro Da SilvaThe Space BrothersJarod GlaweJens LissatLotusBeard-o-BeesLuke the KnifeAlex BauArroyo LowCamo & CrookedANGAmon TobinVoicians, Florian KruseDave SummitBingo PlayersCoke Beats, MiMOSADrasenYves LaRockRay OkparaLindsey StirlingMakoDistinctStill LifeSaint KidyakiBrothersHeiko LauxRetroidPiemTocadiscoNakadiaProtocultureSebastian BronkToronto is BrokenTeddy CreamMizeyesisSimon PattersonMorgan PageJesCut ChemistThe HimJudge JulesDubFXThievery CorporationSNBRNBjorn AkessonAlchimystSander Van DornRudosaHollaphonicDJs From MarsGAWPSomnaDavid MoralesRoxanneJB & ScoobaSpektralKissy Sell OutMassimo VivonaMoullinexFuturistic Polar BearsManyFewJoe StoneRebootTruncate, Scotty BoyDoctor NiemanJody WisternoffThousand FingersBenny BennasiDance LoudChristopher LawrenceOliver TwiztRicardo TorresPatricia BalogeAlex Harrington4 StringsSunshine JonesElite ForceRevolvrKenneth ThomasPaul OakenfoldGeorge AcostaReid SpeedTyDiDonald GlaudeJimboRicardo TorresHotel GarudaBryn LiedlRodgKemsMr. SamSteve AokiFuntcaseDirtyloudMarco BaileyDirtmonkeyThe Crystal MethodBeltekDarin EpsilonKyau & AlbertKutskiVaski, MoguaiBlackliquidSunny LaxMatt Darey, and many more.

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About The DJ Sessions Event Services –

TDJSES is a 501c3 Non-profit charitable organization that’s main purpose is to provide music, art, fashion, dance, and entertainment to local and regional communities via events and video production programming distributed via live and archival viewing.=

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