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Pianist Julia Gjertsen experiments with texture in newsong

Reverbs | April 24, 2023
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Image credit: Julia Gjertsen

Norwegian composer Julia Gjertsen has released her new song, ‘Undo’, with the Deep Heads imprint. It is the fourth single shared from the label’s upcoming Cosmic Vibrations Vol. 4 compilation, which will go live on May 26th.

Stream / Download:Julia Gjertsen – ‘Undo’

Like taking things apart and putting them back together, the track is built on the foundation of the concept of reconstitution, where the elements break down and reform as something new. We hear this happen when the seemingly gentle track adopts an aggressive bassline, which inevitably degrades in some parts while swelling in others. 

“I dedicated a lot of time to refining and experimenting with the track, exploring the relationship between different sounds and textures,” she said. “The concept of ‘undoing’ and starting anew was particularly appealing to me, and I believe that is what this track is trying to reflect.”

Listen to ‘Undo’ below:

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