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Parker Graye Strikes Back with Bold New Single “Won’t Be You”

Front Porch Music | June 4, 2024

Parker Graye, the rising star in Canadian country music, follows up her heartbreaking debut EP Lyin’ To Me with a fresh, new single titled “Won’t Be You.”

True to her slogan #SaddiesForTheBaddies, this new track is a spirited eye roll at the overconfident cowboys who frequent Broadway on a Saturday night.

The Story Behind “Won’t Be You”

“Won’t Be You” is an anthem for anyone who’s ever had to fend off unwanted advances from self-assured cowboys.

With her signature blend of great lyrics and dreamy vocals, Parker lists off the stereotypical characteristics of these cowboys—think cleaned up short bed Chevys and broken-in Red Wings … and tastefully shoos them away.

The message is clear. No matter what these cowboys do or say, it won’t be their lucky day …

… savage.

Listen To “Won’t Be You”

Musical Inspirations and Style

Drawing inspiration from country music powerhouses like Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris, Megan Moroney, Maggie Antone, and Colter Wall, Parker Graye has crafted a catchy tune that you’ll find yourself singing along to on your summer road trips.

“Won’t Be You” is a country earworm with a modern twist, blending traditional sounds with a contemporary edge.

About Parker Graye

Hailing from Orillia, Ontario, Parker Graye’s music dives deep into the emotions of heartbreak, introspection, and the love for a good sad country song.

Her breakout single “Good At Gettin’ Gone” soared to #39 on Canadian country radio, marking her first Top 40 hit. 2023 was a milestone year for Parker, with her debut at the Boots and Hearts Music Festival and over five million streams across various platforms.

Parker Graye’s journey is just beginning, and with tracks like “Won’t Be You,” she’s well on her way to becoming a household name in country music. Keep an eye on this talented artist as she continues to make waves in the industry.

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