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Online Tickets & Happy Hour: Mo's Desert Clubhouse Explain How To Help Live Music Venues

The | June 5, 2024

The owners of the Burleigh Heads, Queensland, music venue Mo’s Desert Clubhouse have sent a message to their loyal supporters about “the state of the music industry.”

Addressing supporters via email, Mo’s Desert Clubhouse checked in as we’ve entered the second half of the year. “Together, with you, we have achieved greatness already this year, as live music venues are closing around us, we are holding on,” the message reads.

“With your undying support for original live music, good drinks and good vibes, we will continue to provide a home of original music locally. Supporting emerging, national and international acts as they grace our stage with loud and uninterrupted greatness and providing an inclusive space to do this.”

However, mentioning what we’ve seen across the country this year—venues closing their doors for the final time, festivals getting cancelled—Mo’s reiterated that being a part of the music business isn’t easy. They’re feeling the impact, too.

“Shows are at an all-time low in ticket sales, meaning it’s becoming harder and harder to navigate the week/month/year,” the email reads. “We know times are tight, and we are doing everything that we can to accommodate that with our loyal punters.

“We have happy hours, $5 tap beers & $1 wings on a Friday, competitions to win bar vouchers, discount codes for those who have subscribed… free entry to shows that we can, always free entry at El Ranchero, an affordable food truck menu, free water for the Terrys and affordable studio hire for broke creatives. We are doing our best to help, but we would love it if you could help us, and the bands out too…”

To help the venue survive, contribute to the live music ecosystem, and enjoy some entertainment for less money in a cost-of-living crisis, Mo’s suggests pre-ordering concert tickets online and taking advantage of the Happy Hour deals. Plus, enough people pre-ordering tickets means it’s more likely the gig will go ahead.

The statement continued, “Online tickets are cheaper than on the door AND it allows artists to know how to best tailor their show, spend less on marketing, allows them to forecast the return on the show and make decisions accordingly. 

“It allows us to facilitate it and make sure we have the right staff on board for the night to make sure your beer line wait is as short as possible and your gig viewing time is maxed out.

“Another thing you could do, is join us for our happy hours, for the same price as drinking beers in your friends ciggy-stenched 80’s couch in their garage, you can drink tap beers from 12 – 5pm on Fridays in El Ranchero with beats, eats and a weekend buzz. 

“Just a few hot money saving, arts supporting tips from your local live music lover, Big Mo.”

Mo’s Desert Clubhouse’s message ended with a thank you and the reminder to “keep being rad”.

You can find what’s on at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse here.

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