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News: FORAGER release kaleidoscopic pop offering ‘Fuji or a Trek’ from forthcoming debut album

Backseat Mafia | May 12, 2023

There’s a lot going on here and it’s all fantastic. Say hello to New York trio FORAGER, who make knotty, complicated pop songs which pull influences in from jazz, Indian classical and an Afro-Cuban musical melting pot that’s a whole thing on its own. If you need more than one listen to ‘Fuji or a Trek’ to get your head around it, then that’s the entire point.

It’s the current single from their forthcoming debut album, and if the vocal runs don’t get you, the well-choreographed half-time chorus switch-up or the intricate drumming probably will. It’s a progressive spin on orchestrated indie rock on which musical chops and dazzling hooks go hand in hand. More of this to come on Pipedream Firewood, out on August 18th. Get in on the ground floor while you still can.

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