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Nap Eyes – Feline Wave Race / Ice Grass Underpass [Listen]

PhotogMusic | May 21, 2024

Halifax indie band Nap Eyes recently released two new tracks, “Feline Wave Race” and “Ice Grass Underpass,” through Paradise of Bachelors.
“Feline Wave Race” is an epic, moody rock alterna-pop tune that showcases the band’s ability to blend introspective lyrics with dynamic instrumentals. The track’s brooding atmosphere and catchy melody create a captivating listening experience.
“Ice Grass Underpass,” on the other hand, leans into a psych-rock vibe with its hypnotic guitar riffs and dreamy soundscape. This song highlights the band’s versatility and knack for crafting immersive, genre-blending music.
Both tracks exemplify Nap Eyes’ unique sound and are a testament to their evolving artistry.

About the tracks by Nap Eyes:
“Feline Wave Race” is something altogether stranger and more novel, emerging from Chapman’s current improvisational writing practice.
Piloted by Seamus Dalton and Josh Salter’s subtle, synthetic rhythms, it feels more discursive and deconstructed, more abstract and nonlinear than anything they’ve attempted to date.
Over the course of the song’s six-and-a-half-minute duration, a new deliquescent song-signature evolves alongside this narrative of planetary evolution and time travel.
This rather leisurely “race” begins after the heat death of the universe, an abiding interest of the cosmically inclined Chapman, finding the narrator “in outer space / when the gas clouds / pass away and / the molecules / distribute / all across the fabric / of the horizon.”
We are transported from deep space through telescoping deep time, from “the edge of the moat / of the 13th-century castle” to 1996, the year Nintendo released the jetskiing video game Wave Race 64.

“Ice Grass Underpass,” which singer, principal songwriter, and guitarist Nigel Chapman wrote in 2009, predates the band’s existence entirely but prefigures the sonic signature of Nap Eyes’s foundational first two albums, Whine of the Mystic (2015, PoB-020) and Thought Rock Fish Scale (2016, PoB-024).
In this recent rendering, it describes a solipsistic solo walk, ice-grass crunching underfoot, leaning through the snowy scrim of Brad Loughead’s guitar squall.
Seasons change, as they always do—“I’ve been hoarding my coal so long / The winter turned to spring”—and time stitches its “squalid seams” of regret and forgetting. Who can remember thirst?

Feline Wave Race by Nap Eyes
Feline Wave Race / Ice Grass Underpass gets: /10.

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