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Mornington Alt-Rock Band Sunday Honey Share Their Essential Music Industry Lessons

Music Feeds | September 18, 2023

Sunday Honey | Credit: Isaac Brooks

Sunday Honey released the single ‘Silver Lining’ at the end of August 2023. It’s the latest in a series of singles from the Mornington Peninsula group, dating back to their debut effort, ‘Old Mate Bill’, in June 2022. Across the five singles, the quartet of Elliott Willis, Fox DeRoche, Max Hilli and Callum Johnson channel influence from contemporary guitar bands like Peach Pit and Ocean Alley.

DeRoche wrote the bulk of ‘Silver Lining’ while travelling through Europe. In a statement, the band explained that the song depicts “a story about a woman losing herself in the grips of society and going down the path of substance abuse.” It’s one of several Sunday Honey songs to focus on mental health and substance abuse.

Sunday Honey – ‘Silver Lining’

In conjunction with the release of ‘Silver Lining’, Sunday Honey share five bits of essential music industry advice with Music Feeds.

Be resilient

Sunday Honey: Take everyone’s opinions with a grain of salt. This is something that a lot of industry professionals say.

Be true to yourself

SH: Don’t make music for others. In the past, we’ve had people tell us to take different directions with a song but we’ve always trusted ourselves to make the right decisions and keep the direction that we want.

Do what you love

SH: Make sure that you’re passionate about what you’re doing. We always make sure to do things that we enjoy and don’t push ourselves to do things that we don’t.

Change your strings before a gig

SH: Always change your strings before a gig. Many of us have had strings snap before or whilst playing a gig. Although you can play with a string less, it’s important to have all six of them.

Don’t get smashed before playing live

SH: Don’t drink too much before going on stage. I think this one explains itself.

Listen to ‘Silver Lining’ by Sunday Honey here

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