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Minerva Daisy Fuses Blues & Indie On New Single ‘Wildfire’

Right Chord Music | July 15, 2022

Minerva Daisy fuses classic blues and modern indie pop in her new hedonistic song Wildfire. Minerva Daisy – Wildfire

Bold and talented Mancunian bombshell Minerva Daisy is back with her signature youthful hedonism, backed up by a style that masterfully juxtaposes old and new.  New single Wildfire more than lives up to its blazing title.

This time, our Olympian-named muse holds back on the belting and instead takes her time savouring the sensual lyrics. By no means does this meeker approach drain out the song’s sonic power.

Her delivery is as refreshing and compelling as ever and it is always a sign of maturity to know when to rein in a little and let the words lead the way. And, boy, do they! The lyrics are as enticing as it gets, all sprinkled with proclamations of freedom

“Take this confusion from my head/And set me free”

And celebrations of satisfying one’s most basic desires

“Holding the warmth of my skin against yours”

Indeed, this savviness as to when is the right time to unleash one’s raw vocal power or to handle matters more softly is wisdom many seasoned vocalists have yet to master.

Furthermore, this allows the lush nu-retro instrumental more room to shine. Minerva cites Nina Simone as a major influence and it shows, as the track is led by the classiest blues piano spiced up by horns that add to the exhilarating atmosphere. This is a modernised take on classic big band numbers and exudes all the chutzpah demanded by the subject matter. “And I’m feeling good…” undoubtedly!

Minerva’s previous releases Substitute and Euphoria have both been featured on BBC Introducing and Amazing radio. The latter was even crowned Track of the Week on BBC Derby and reached the top 40 in the UK iTunes Pop chart.

“The track is led by the classiest blues piano spiced up by horns that add to the exhilarating atmosphere.” Discover more from Minerva Daisy





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