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Michael Andre Braxton & The Winding Path To A Successful Music Career

Your EDM | February 28, 2023

Making it as a pro musician might be especially challenging if you also produce your own music. It can be difficult to push beyond barriers and realise one’s potential, what with the demands of consistently producing fresh content and the difficulty of expanding one’s fan base.

Michael Andre Braxton, best known by his stage name Mike B, is a singer-songwriter, filmmaker, and podcast presenter who has overcome adversity. A number of unreleased recordings of his early, Hip Hop-influenced work eventually surfaced. Mike B has put forth significant effort to establish himself as an innovator in the music industry, with the hope of making a beneficial impact on the world through his music.

Mike B’s hectic schedule due to his other business endeavours is one of the biggest obstacles he’s had to overcome. His dedication to music has helped him persevere through difficult times. This has forced him to become more productive in the studio while maintaining a high level of originality in his work. He’s also had to get good in marketing, distribution, and management in addition to his artistic pursuits.

Mike B has struggled with issues related to fan development and the distribution of his music. He has got to get inventive in his methods of attack in order to triumph over this obstacle. For instance, he has gotten himself more listeners and fans by making reference recordings over popular music. He’s also savvy with social media, utilising Instagram to highlight his work and launching a podcast that’s invite-only and features only guests with a blue checkmark.

Those who are considering a career as a musician who also creates their own music might take heart from Mike B’s narrative. It takes hard effort, devotion, and determination to overcome the particular mix of hurdles that come with being a solo artist, but it is achievable. You, too, may prove unstoppable with the correct attitude and strategy, just as others have done before you.

To sum up, self-producing your music as a musician can be a difficult path to take, but one that is well worth exploring. You can learn how to push through challenges and reach your goals by thinking about Mike B’s experience. It’s important to keep your mind sharp, your energy high, and your imagination flowing, and to continuously challenge yourself to grow as a professional.

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