#043 - Live Streaming and The Future of Copyright in Live Streaming Part 1 with Darran Bruce Electronic Dance Money

Here is another awesome interview with Christian Caicedo from Electronic Dance Money.

I had such a great time we had to scheduled a second interview hahahahaha.

I can’t wait to talk with him again about all the new developments coming up.

Episode Description

Since Coronavirus hit the world in the beginning of 2020, the world of live streaming has been disrupted with a massive increase in both musicians and DJ’s performing for the world to see!

But it an ever more crowded world of live streaming, how can you stick out from the rest, out perform other artists, while being able to make a career out of live streaming?

Today, we’re joined by Darran Bruce, creator of The DJ Sessions, one of the world’s largest live streaming DJ platforms based out of Seattle Washington. Darran has nearly 20 years producing live events and will be teaching you the key to a successful live stream.

Not only that, but stick around for part 2 where we discuss the huge impact that copyright is now having on the world of live streaming!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to stand out in your livestream
  • What type of income is best for livestreamers
  • What sponsors look for
  • How to get sponsors
  • The best setup for livestreaming

and much more!

For more information about Electronic Dance Money got to https://enviousaudio.com/

Episode Links

The DJ Sessions – https://www.thedjsessions.com/

Electronic Dance Money Episode 004 – How to Successfully Stream on Twitch as a Producers – https://enviousaudio.com/episode4

Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/thedjsessions

The DJ Sessions Freakstream feat. LOWSH – https://www.thedjsessions.com/video/lowsh-on-the-dj-sessions-presents-freakstream-103020/

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