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Listen to “We Should” by Bentley Robles

EQ Music Blog | February 9, 2024

Wow, it’s amazing to see how much Bentley Robles has accomplished already this year! Especially, when considering, we are just six weeks into 2024 and not content with unleashing the track “Just OK” less than a month ago. The main pop boy of the moment, Bentley is living up to the earned title as an unstoppable pop force. Since he’s out with his second release of the year today, the track “We Should.” Notably, the excitement I am feeling around this track release is palpable. Similarly also with Bentley, and noticeably witnessed his social media posts leading up to the release. These, in particular, showcase the pride he has in this song.

Picture this: a song that perfectly captures the essence of Bentley with a dazzlingly touch of extraness. “We Should” is an electrifying blend of sensuality, passion, bass synth, vocoder, and evocative lyrics. It’s an anthem that’s all about seizing the moment and following your heart, even if it means breaking the rules. This song will undoubtedly leave you feeling empowered and ready to take a chance on love, no matter what anyone else may say. As is the sentiment shared in the lyrics “I know we said we couldn’t, but I really think we should.”

Bentley Robles on “We Should”: 

“Lemme set the scene: It’s 1:37am, and you’re out at a bar with a bunch of “friends” you barely know. You’ve had a couple drinks and even though you’re on a packed dancefloor u feel lonely. Then IT HAPPENS, your ex-lover pops into ur head, you haven’t thought about them in months but there is something about TONIGHT”. 

Fans of Bentley shall not want to miss his latest release. This is seemingly because, unlike his previous works, this track doesn’t rely on the highly energised synth-pop style commonly found in his releases. Instead, he incorporated an R’n’B element that resulted in a more heartfelt and authentic vocal performance. The heartfelt vocals deliver a powerful plea to an ex-lover, leaving a lasting impact on the listener. Don’t miss out on this change of pace for Bentley – check out his latest release today.

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