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Listen to Lil Nas X’s introspective new single ‘Where Do We Go Now?’

NME | Music News | January 26, 2024

Lil Nas X has shared a reflective new track titled ‘Where Do We Go Now?’. Check it out below.

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The new track was written by the rapper and singer as part of his upcoming HBO documentary, Lil Nas X: Long Live Montero.

Written in collaboration with Omer Fedi and Blake Slatkin, the new song sees the 24-year-old take a slower, more introspective approach than usual. “So where do we go now?/ We’ve seen everything we had to see/ We figured it out, my love/ So where are we goin’?” he sings in the emotive chorus.

Lil Nas X also teased news of the track on social media earlier this week, hinting to fans that there was an inward-looking new song on the horizon. “Good news y’all, I’m dropping new music to match with your depression,” he wrote in the caption, sharing an image of the single artwork.

Check out the full track below.

Set to arrive tomorrow (January 27) on Max, the upcoming documentary about the musician is set to follow him as he prepares to embark on his first-ever US headlining tour.

Alongside footage of his live shows across the country, it also features interviews with Lil Nas X, which see him open up about his time in the music industry and sexuality. It will be structured in three parts: Rebirth, Transformation, and Becoming (via Rolling Stone).

The film previously premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2023 and was directed by Carlos López Estrada and Zac Manuel.

The new track comes just days after the rapper stirred controversy by showcasing the artwork for his song ‘J Christ’.

Released on January 12, the track arrived alongside a self-directed video that spoofed various biblical stories. These included Lil Nas portraying a godlike figure at the gates of Heaven and playing a one-on-one basketball game against Satan.

The artist was also depicted on a crucifix in one scene, while the official ‘J Christ’ cover artwork also shows him on a cross as five bystanders begin to raise him off the ground.

Following a wave of backlash for the religious aesthetic, the artist denied making a “mockery of Christ” with the image and later went on to admit he “messed up really bad” with the promotional materials.

Later, Lil Nas apologised for a TikTok video in which he is seen eating communion bread and drinking wine from a chalice while dressed as Jesus. “I thought that video was gonna be the video to lighten the mood,” he said.

Shortly before the release of ‘J Christ’, Lil Nas announced that he would be going to university to join a Biblical Studies programme.

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