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Juice Webster: The Emotions, Changes and Spaces that Made ‘JULIA’

Music Feeds | September 16, 2023

Juice Webster | Credit: Edvard Hakansson

Juice Webster has released her debut solo album, JULIA. The Naarm/Melbourne-based indie pop and folk musician explores themes of loss, change and uncertainty across the ten-track album. Webster worked on JULIA at Alex O’Gorman’s bushy studio retreat in Packenham Upper. Simon Lam produced the album and played keys, with Ollie Cox on drums, Theo Carbo on guitar, and Noah Hutchinson on bass.

Webster will launch JULIA at Naarm’s Evelyn Hotel on Friday, 22nd September. Get your tickets here. Webster spoke to Music Feeds about the emotions, life changes and physical spaces that helped usher the album into the world.

Juice Webster: JULIA Yearning for the past

Juice Webster: Grief and yearning for the passing of time and the moments I desperately want to return to. The deep missing of past selves and past experiences that tend to mean more in retrospect. I think this theme runs pretty deep throughout the whole album, but is particularly present on ‘Returning’, ‘Among the Wires’ and ‘Headaches’.

Generally, I find it hard to stay in the present and often find myself thinking of specific moments or feelings from my past that I yearn for. I think most of my songwriting tends to lead back to this overall feeling because it’s so ingrained in who I am.

Devotion to my loved ones

JW: The purity of that kind of love that removes second-guessing and hesitation and instead gives you the selflessness that is needed in order to love someone wholly. This is the primary emotion of tracks such as ‘Black Coat, Black Skirt’, ‘All For You’ and ‘Waking Dream’, and again, just feels so ingrained in my sense of self and purpose. I think most of what I do is driven by devotion.

New family members

JW: Beautiful baby nephews that so blatantly announce the passing of time, but that teach you so much, and bring such a unique brand of joy. These new additions to my family made me feel like this new phase had begun, and so I had to farewell the old one. That kind of ties into that grief feeling and the letting go.

JULIA by Juice Webster Lockdowns

JW: I hate to bring it up, but the stark change in pace between the before-lockdown times and the after-lockdown times. The solitude, the downtime, the unknown.

Image: Juice WebsterAlex O’Gorman’s studio in Pakenham Upper

JW: The most beautiful studio space where we recorded most of the album. I have really fond memories of this part of the album process. Gormie’s space really allowed for a lot of creativity and exploration and just felt really warm and comfortable to be in. I think it had a huge influence on how this album sounds.

Image: Juice WebsterSimon Lam’s studio at the Meat Market in North Melbourne

JW: This is where we tracked all the bits we didn’t have time to track at Gormie’s studio – all the vocals and some of the quieter songs.

Juice Webster’s debut album JULIA is out now. Stream here and purchase here

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