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isolatedmix 126 – Saphileaum



After Sa Pa’s isolatedmix contribution last month, we continue in an unintentional alphabetical spectrum of brilliant producers, with Saphileaum.

There comes a time after listening to some musicians for many years that certain instruments and musical approaches begin to stand out. Sure, most of the time you probably know what album you’re sticking on the turntable, but when you have those days you put on shuffle (or when you’re listening to, cough cough), some producers start to stand out and trigger the music-geek in you from the first few seconds. It can take many years or decades to find and hone a unique style, but I think Georgian producer Andro Gogibedashvili is well on his way to carving out a unique style of organic, new-age ambient and tribal-infused techno.

Saphileaum’s isolatedmix is a perfect example of his style as a whole, with elements you might hear in his productions stylistically coming to the fore throughout the 25 tracks, despite not including a single track of his own in the mix.

I sent Andro a few questions to complement this wonderfully energizing trip. Check out his latest release on the revered Mule Musiq label, and expect more music from him soon.

I first came across your work in 2019 with Silent Season, how have things changed for you since?

My first release on Silent Season called “The Traveler” was a sort of a turning point for me and my sound. It was music that I’d created after a pretty long break recording-wise. Since the release was out, a sort of a new journey began for me. I started making more tribalistic and electro-acoustic musical pieces and was also trying to balance them out with downtempo and half-beat grooves, sometimes a bit techno-like maybe too. I also dived a lot into Percussions and eventually ended up learning and playing on real Congas, Bongos, and Georgian Dhol. I’m still in the process of learning and hopefully, it will never end!

The Traveler by Saphileaum

I can start to recognize your style over the years which is often a sign of a great unique producer. But how would you describe your sound to someone new?

Thank you very much! I appreciate it. I would describe my music as “Background Music”, “Music which you play at gatherings”, “Music for Meditation”, “Music for looking at the night sky”. I would describe the sound as Tribal, Ambient, Cosmic, Joyful and Relaxing. 

Your Discogs profile states “Saphileaum is highly inspired by esoteric, mystic, new age, cosmic and visionary art and teachings”. Do you think New Age music is becoming more prevalent today? Is this something you aspire to? 

Yeah, I think New Age music is slowly starting to get more and more recognized. It is quite a young genre still, compared with the other ones. Plus, there are some musicians and producers who are pushing the boundaries of what New Age music can sound like and it’s really amazing to see it grow. First thing that I immediately fell in love with, before listening to the actual music, was the name itself, New Age Music…

Saphileaum – Transpersonal Experience by Saphileaum

You’ve been on several labels over the years including Oslated, Constellation Tapes, Mysteries of the Deep, Mule Musique and Good Morning Tapes (the GMT released in 2021 was one of my favorites of yours). What is the goal of releasing on different labels?

I look at labels as traveling to another country that I’ve never been to. Meeting new people, exploring its culture and heritage, and contributing to it. There are always new possibilities, new inspirations, and new crowds in every label. It’s very important for me that a label where I release music has a sort of a musical or ideological vision that I share and like and that it’s represented well visually. I should feel inspired by and connected to it.

Can you tell us about the mix you have prepared?

The mix was mainly inspired by the music I’ve been enjoying recently. It’s ambient, but it’s rhythmical and diverse. There are a few ethnic tracks that might sound similar, but they have elements that differ them culturally. I like the thin multicultural line it has, which might be tricky to notice, maybe. To be honest, there was no particular vibe I was after, I just wanted to create an interesting musical journey to enjoy.

There are quite a few artists in here I’m unaware of, are there any you’d like to call out in particular? 

I would like to thank all the artists, whose music I’ve included in this mix, for creating these pieces and putting them out in the world. I recommend checking them all out, there’s much more to explore!

astrangelyisolatedplace · isolatedmix 126 – Saphileaum

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1. DJ Sports – Akrasia (Subsidiary Mix)
2. William Arist – Black and White
3. Andrew Pekler – Hy Brasil
4. Don’t DJ – Southeast Subteranne
5. Another Fine Day – Esperanto
6. Greville – Marbles
7. Forest on Stasys – Atlantico Sur
8. Eyot Tapes – Jungle Tapes
9. Robert Rich – Rainforest Suite Drumsong
10. Jeans – Ganglia
11. Om Buschman – Prima Kalimba
12. Guem et Zaka – Mouvements
13. Sara Berts – Nova
14. Mo Boma – Jijimuge Two
15. Yves Tumor – Role In Creation
16. Posm – Bamboo
17. Steve Roach – The Reflecting Chamber
18. Jorge Reyes & Antonio Zepeda – Wawaki
19. Auragraph – Downcast
20. Nicolas Gaunin – Marama
21. Matthewdavid – Unfolding Atlantis
22. Sage – Mind BodyAlgorythm
23. Gigi Masin – Panama Girl
24. Asa Tone – Perpetual Motion Via Jungle Transport
25. Alex Kassian – Chopstick Romance


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