Hungry Trilobyte Podcast Episode 047 - Darran Bruce and The DJ Sessions

Aaron Bossig invited Darran Bruce from “The DJ Sessions” to do an interview on his show “Hungry Trilobyte”

About this episode –

Darran Bruce a Twitch streamer, and the talent behind The DJ Sessions, a group that is bringing old-school DJ concepts to the world of Twitch and mobile audio. In this episode, Darran and I talk about using new media to create the platform you want, and he explains how “Silent Disco” technology can make real concerts possible in the era of social distancing.

See Show Notes at www.AaronBossig.com

About Hungry Trilobyte –

Is the meaning of life really 42? Does anything unreal exist? Like many fans of science fiction, fantasy, and comics, Aaron Bossig has spent years wondering if the worlds of the imagination have any place in real life. In order to find the answers, he’s started Hungry Trilobyte, a podcast, blog, and YouTube channel that hopes to help fans answer these questions together.

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