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[House] Rd0Dave – What D0 They Want

The Music Ninja | Electronic | February 24, 2024

Rising talent, Rd0Dave, has just unveiled his latest single “What D0 They Want” through Night Moves Music, merging invigorating house rhythms with a distinctive dirty bass sound. This track distinguishes itself with a robust bassline and an engaging sample mix, perfectly suited for the vibrant nightlife scene. Returning to Night Moves Music, Rd0Dave builds on his impressive production history, with his latest being a fitting addition to the catalog.

Following the acclaim of “Y0u Want It” on Beatport’s Best Hype Mainstage list for 2022 and another track acclaimed in the Best Mainstage of 2023, Rd0Dave is set for an even more remarkable year in 2024. With plans for releases on Night Moves Music, Brooklyn Fire, and several noteworthy collaborations, Rd0Dave’s seamless integration of classic electro house with modern flair continues to enchant and expand his audience.

His discography boasts 18 tracks released on labels from around the world – a positive sign that what he is doing is working. His contributions have been acknowledged on prestigious platforms like Tomorrowland’s One World Radio and through collaborations with luminaries like Tommie Sunshine.

Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Dave Pollard, also known as Rd0Dave or “Radio Dave,” began his musical expedition at the tender age of two, starting with drumming. His journey has spanned radio, DJing, and producing, with an early introduction to live shows shaping his unique sound. Rd0Dave gained initial acclaim with “Jerk” on Liftoff Recordings, followed by the celebrated “Electr0Buzz” on G-Mafia Records, both tracks adding a different spin to the iconic electro house genre.

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