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Glassmanet — EBB [EP]

DiscoverNü | December 1, 2023

Norwegian experimental dream pop project Glassmanet releases new conceptual EP EBB

The three-track EP offers a mesmerising exploration of diverse soundscapes, each meticulously crafted to encapsulate distinct states of mind. The opening track “Enter the Deep”, takes listeners into mysterious atmospheres where Glassmanet effortlessly blends dream pop and psychedelic rock, creating an immersive experience that feels both enigmatic and ethereal.

Transitioning into the second track, “Breaksurface”, Glassmanet takes a bold turn, offering a mix that has been aptly described as a collision between shoegaze and punk. The EP concludes with an enigmatic finale, leaving listeners with a lingering sense of exploration.

Overall, EBB is not merely a collection of songs— it’s a sonic experience that instantly draws listeners in to explore the nuances of different mental states. The production is captivating, vocals are dreamy, Glassmanet has crafted a stunning EP that’s worth listening to.

Stream EBB below:

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