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FM PREMIERE: Fakear’s ‘Nova’ lights the way to ‘Hypertalisman’

FM For Music | November 30, 2023

Fakear, the renowned French DJ and producer, has shared his latest treasure, Nova, which is taken from the highly anticipated album Hypertalisman that is set to come out in 2024. 

​Following the release of the equally lush previous singles, Inner Forest, About You, and Healing, the new track Nova serves as the next chapter in their artistic narrative. It is a finely crafted blend of emotive, globally infused electronic music that navigates the delicate balance between buildups, breaks, and drops. The track is a testament to Fakear’s ability to seamlessly weave together diverse influences, creating a sound that is both innovative and deeply soulful.

In a recent statement, Fakear shared his inspiration behind Nova: “I dreamed of this melody, and the song flowed by itself under my fingers. It is more of a night and club track, like my life has been since the end of the pandemic.” This glimpse into the creative process hints at a profound connection between the artist’s personal experiences and the sonic landscapes he explores.

A decade into his career, he reflects on the courage it takes to reveal one’s inner thoughts and flaws, a sentiment especially poignant given his rapid rise to fame with a sold-out concert at the Olympia in Paris before even releasing his debut album. Now, Fakear seeks to reinvent himself, returning to the essence of his project with spontaneity and honesty.

The catalyst for this reinvention was his 2023 album, ‘Talisman,’ a record that marked a complete rebirth for the artist. Fakear explains, “I had lost this crazy energy I once had doing all this.” The album’s success, including a sold-out French and European tour and performances at iconic venues like Le Trianon, demonstrated his triumphant return to form.

However, for Fakear, this comeback isn’t a conclusion but a continuation—a journey that transcends a single album. He describes the magic that happens when confidence meets creativity, allowing for a more playful and genuine approach to music-making. The new songs, an extension of the rebirth initiated by ‘Talisman,’ form a new dimension—a parallel universe.

“As I was gradually reconnecting with the outside world, I was realizing how essential to me it was, and how much I had missed it. My new songs are full of this feeling. I love making music so that it can be shared, lived, vibed, and danced to. Talisman was me returning to my roots. The new songs are a window to the future.”

Nova illuminates the path to Hypertalisman, where every beat sees Fakear persistently reshaping the landscape of electronic music, imprinting a significant mark on the industry’s continuously evolving tapestry.

Written by FM For Music


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