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EP Review: Blue Nation – Reflections

Backseat Mafia | February 4, 2024

One of Backseat Mafia’s favourites Blue Nation have returned with a new EP titled Reflections. This follows on from their previous EP Echoes (read our review here)

The band collectively state:

“This collection of songs represents a journey of creativity, emotion, and camaraderie that we’ve poured our souls into…

…’Reflections’ is more than just an EP; it’s a glimpse into our creative process, our emotions, and our desire to connect with our listeners on a deeper level. We hope these songs resonate with you, and if they can inspire just one person to feel okay about not being okay, then our mission is accomplished. Thank you for joining us on this musical journey, and we can’t wait to share these reflections with you.”

A strong start with the guitar driven ‘Strangers’ sets this EP up with a sound that is very much Blue Nations. Big chords, even bigger choruses and an addictive foot tapping rhythm. “The lyrics delve into that all-too-relatable feeling of being stuck in a relationship that’s lost its spark, knowing it’s wrong but still carrying on.”

A particular highlight of the EP is the melodic deliciousness of ‘Every Single Time’. Suberp vocal phrasing, some clever intricate drumming and an electric riff mix together to set this track apart as one of the best the band have written. Something that you can track even over their short career of releasing music, the songs have developed as they have honed their own musical identity.

Allowing the EP to breathe ‘Old Friends’ brings the emotion and demonstrates another side to these guys’ songwriting. The track is delivered with a cracking vocal performance, especially on the sing-along chorus that is dying for a stage with an audience to belt it back to the band. The blues hit hard when they return on EP closer ‘Hand Me Down’, a smoking velvet lined killer of a track. Dominated by the chunky riff this is the band on fire with creativity at their fingertips

The band have done it again with another engaging and varied collection of tracks set in their familiar style to delight fans old and new. You always know when an EP is good when your only complaint is the short length. An album is very much needed from these guys.

Check out the track Strangers, below:

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