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EQ Music Blog | February 7, 2024

It’s emerging artist discovery time again, here on EQ Music Blog. So who is it, that has had my ears twitching in curiosity this week? Without further ado… it’s the electro-pop newcomer Marlowe.

Discovering new talent in the music industry is always a thrilling experience, and Marlowe, the Venezuelan electro-pop newcomer currently based in London, has caught my attention with their debut track “Give It Up.” This retro-pop-influenced introduction incorporates something of the coolness of Prince and touches upon the hot pop tastiness of Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, and other iconic artists from the 90s. All embraced with Marlowe’s unique style and fresh perspective on the electro-pop genre.

While something about this debut convinces me, they’ve been part of the underground music scene. Marlowe is an up-and-coming music project worthy of a listen. Their track “Give It Up” has a magnetic quality that will draw you in. Although, the infectious groove is just the tip of the iceberg – there’s something more there that you can’t quite put your finger on, but it keeps you coming back for more.

Marlowe’s artistry is mesmerising, exhibiting an undeniably beguiling presence. Their latest single is a breath of fresh air, eschewing current music trends in favour of artistic individuality. As a male-presenting non-binary gay artist, Marlowe’s work celebrates femininity in a style that is both inspiring and empowering. Through the debut release, Marlowe elaborates, “it represents the struggles they face when navigating my love life”, making their latest single a must-listen for anyone seeking authentic and relatable content.

It’s always exciting to see artists take a unique approach to popular music genres. And Marlowe definitely stands out with their R’n’B pop fusion style. “Give It Up” is a great example of how they blend their eclectic personality into the mix, creating a slinky, groovy sound. After hearing this teaser, I’m definitely intrigued to hear more from Marlowe. I hope they come back soon with an encore.

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