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ELDR Tackles Abuse & Coercion On ‘Deer Skin’

Right Chord Music | June 2, 2024

ELDR, the brainchild of artist and award-winning film composer Marina Elderton, has released the striking new single ‘Deer Skin’ which tackles themes of abuse, coercion, subjugation, and racial violence. ELDR – Deer Skin

Marina Elderton, the creative force behind ELDR, boasts an impressive resume. As a recipient of the PRS Women Make Music fund and a scholar from the National Film & Television School, she has composed award-winning scores for BBC, Sky Arts, BFI, and Film4, including the acclaimed documentary “Poly Styrene: I AM A CLICHÉ.”

Following her critically acclaimed sophomore EP HÖLY STRANGER, ELDR returns with Deer Skin, a hauntingly beautiful composition that promises to spark significant conversation. Deer Skin explores the harrowing experience of being in a coercive and psychologically abusive relationship, drawing from Marina’s personal experiences. The song’s title symbolizes the dynamic of power in such relationships, likening the feeling to that of a deer being hunted.

With a heartbeat-like rhythm setting the pace, Deer Skin evokes an enigmatic atmosphere, which in moments recalls Massive Attack’s Teardrop. Marina’s elegantly delicate vocals, backed by rich electronic arrangements and a tapestry of textures, further embrace the feelings of fear and vulnerability within the lyrics.

In addition to its top-notch production, Deer Skin comes with a visual treat: a music video directed by Philip James McGoldrick and shot by DP Luciana Riso. Filmed in black and white, the video expands on the song’s themes, illustrating injustice, coercion, subjugation, and racism. Choreographed by Alex Kamienski, the mesmerizing dance re-enacts a hunt, adding deeper significance to the melody’s striking message.

“Deer Skin is a bold musical statement, stunningly beautiful and darkly captivating.”

Deer Skin offers a glimpse into the world of a highly talented performer unafraid to be boldly visceral. ELDR masterfully embraces light and darkness, aiming to heal and empower others through her art.

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